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Alex Shelley removed from Impact Wrestling roster page, WWE debut imminent?

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It's been rumored for a couple of weeks now and since it doesn't appear a TNA press release is in our near future, this might be the most official word coming out of Orlando regarding their now former talent.

Alex Shelley's biography and other information has been removed from, indicating he is, in fact, done with the company as the scuttlebutt over the past few weeks have claimed.

Further whispers say he's on his way up north to Stamford and is relatively close to signing a deal with WWE.

I have mixed feelings about this.

One, I was never a huge fan of Shelley up until Murder City -- PG rating, be damned! -- Machine Guns, his tandem with Chris Sabin. When Sabin fell to injury and sat on the shelf for a year, Shelley floated around in the X-Division without purporse until his partner returned.

He did so early last month but with Shelley now gone from TNA, it stands to reason the team is done as well.

Secondly, I'm unsure in what capacity WWE will be using him. If the fabled cruiserweights show does actually come to fruition, I could see Shelley easily making an impact -- no pun intended... ah, sure, why not? -- there but otherwise, he might be filler for Raw's soon-to-happen three hour expansion.

Still though, as reported last week by my Cageside colleague Keith Harris, WWE might hold off on signing the former Machine Gun until any heat from TNA's lawsuit cools down. If so, he might be able to bide his time in his old stomping grounds of Ring of Honor (ROH).

Excited to see Shelley inside a WWE ring, Cagesiders?