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WWE Smackdown spoilers for June 1, 2012, featuring CM Punk vs Kane

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Raw has come and gone -- and was actually pretty damn good -- so now we have Smackdown to look forward to.

What can you expect on Friday?

Well, CM Punk will be defending his WWE championship in the main event of the evening against Kane. The fact that WWE has been able to service multiple intertwining storylines for the past few weeks has been impressive and that looks to continue here.

Speaking of intertwining storylines, Sheamus has beef with more than just Alberto Del Rio. He's also got issues with John Laurinaitis, thanks to knocking him over a few weeks ago on Raw. That manifests itself with an appearance from David Otunga.

Plus, Dolph Ziggler continues his push to get into the main event, a Zack Ryder sighting and much, much more.

Find out exactly what goes down -- courtesy of -- after the jump.

-- Naturally, the show opens with a promo from Sheamus. He's interrupted, however, by David Otunga, who rolls footage of Sheamus knocking over John Laurinaitis on Raw a few weeks ago. What's with all this continuity and solid storytelling in WWE lately? Otunga demands an apology. Alberto Del Rio quickly shows up and Otunga reveals he'll get to choose Sheamus' opponent for the evening. Before all is said and done, Otunga eats a Brogue Kick.

-- Sin Cara is back with a new red and white look, as well as new pyro. He went over on Hunico Curt Hawkins.

-- Damien Sandow def. Ezekial Jackson after the usual Sandow set up. He's too good for it, it happens anyway, neckbreaker, he wins.

-- Backstage and Dolph Ziggler is shown asking Del Rio for the chance to take on Sheamus. He's granted his wish. They would have a match later that saw tons of awesome bumping from Ziggler but Sheamus going over thanks to Jack Swagger coming out to mess things up. He did so while trying to help Ziggler, though, so it looks like these two will have a storyline going forward.

-- Ryback squashed two more "local athletes" to plenty of Goldberg chants.

-- Santino Marella and Zack Ryder are still tag teaming and they picked up a win over Darren Young and Titus O'Neil after a quick roll up from Santino. Immediately after the match, Big Show came out and destroyed the babyfaces.

-- Backstage skit shows Daniel Bryan telling AJ CM Punk is using her.

-- Cody Rhodes def. Tyson Kidd in a short but satisfying match. Small set up for something with Christian later on.

-- CM Punk and Kane went to a no contest thanks to Daniel Bryan interfering by attacking them both. This ultimately resulted in Kane coming back and giving both men a choke slam. Naturally, John Laurinaitis showed up to book the match we all thought we would be getting -- CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a triple threat match at No Way Out. Punk and Bryan were in the ring with AJ shortly after. Bryan tried to get AJ to leave with him but she wouldn't, instead choosing to leave on her own. Bryan slapped Punk and Punk hit Bryan with the GTS.

There's your show, folks. Thoughts?