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On this date in WWE history: Kharma announces her pregnancy on Raw

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After years of being told she could never make it to the big show, Kia Stevens -- who wrestled under the names Amazing Kong and Awesome Kong throughout her time in Japan and on the independent scene -- signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in Dec. 2010.

She didn't debut right away, though, instead sitting out a few months while WWE repackaged her as Kharma, airing vignettes showing her laughing while ripping heads off dolls. The point being, of course, that she was a monster who would tear through the Diva's division once she showed up on television.

Her debut happened at Extreme Rules on May 1, 2011, where she got over by attacking Michelle McCool after she had lost a match to Layla. This pattern would continue in the following weeks until the May 23 episode of Raw when she came out to the ring but instead of dealing her usual destruction, she broke down crying.

This wasn't explained until one week later when, on this date in WWE history (May 30, 2011), Kharma revealed she was pregnant and would have to leave for a year. She did so after cutting a promo talking about fulfilling her two dreams in life -- becoming a WWE superstar and becoming a mother.

Unfortunately, this story has a sad end.

Kharma returned for a one-off appearance as an entrant in the Royal Rumble earlier this year, and left a big impression when she hit Dolph Ziggler with an Implant Buster that looked like a million bucks. She told TMZ days later that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy on Dec. 31, 2011, just one month before the Rumble match.

But she lied.

A couple months later, Kharma revealed she had lost the baby before birth and she had lied about it because she was incredibly emotional and afraid to tell everyone the truth after she had announced her pregnancy on live television to millions of viewers. She also revealed she would be starting a foundation for women who have experienced the same thing she did.

As of this writing, she has yet to return to WWE and frankly, we hope she takes all the time she needs after such a tragic event in her life. Thankfully, the company appears to have been nothing less than understanding while she's been going through this difficult time.