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'Blueprint' for a revolution: Is Matt Morgan on his way back to WWE?

Matt Morgan Revolution
Matt Morgan Revolution

Our friends over at PWTorch have posted the above screen grab from WWE's latest "Revolution" video.

Judging by the looks of it, our advice on last night's (May 21, 2012) Cageside Live to "not get your hopes up" in regards to the web-only videos being Dean Ambrose or a combination of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) alumni seems pretty sound.

This isn't meant as a slight to Matt Morgan, who the man in the screen grab looks an awful lot like, but he didn't exactly set the WWE Universe on fire the first time around so it puzzles me how he would be one to bring about a revolution.

Morgan's contract with TNA is done, for all intents and purposes, as the promotion has used all the dates he was signed for, so it looks as if a verbal deal, at the very least, has been agreed upon between "The Blueprint" and WWE. If he does, in fact, debut on next week's (May 28) Raw, it can be assumed he'll have put pen to paper between now and then.

Down in Orlando, he was most recently teaming and then later feuding with fellow big man Crimson. The pair won the tag team straps after forming a mutual respect for one another but their partnership soon devolved and they ended up dropping the belts to Samoa Joe and Magnus at this year's Against All Odds.

Since then, the two have gone back and forth until Morgan was attacked by Bully Ray and stretchered away two weeks ago on Impact.

Will he return to WWE on Monday? And will you like it if he does?

UPDATE: According to PWInsider, the viral marketing campaign has to do with a new video game WWE will be debuting, not any kind of wrestler's debut or storyline.

Only revolution I care to see is WWE video games going back to the No Mercy engine.

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