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Ric Flair pulled from TNA for inappropriate drunken behaviour

On Thursday night, we reported that Ric Flair had strangely missed his last few booked appearances for TNA, but no-one on either side was willing to say why. I speculated that Ric was trying to get out of his TNA contract in order to return to WWE, as the news coincided with WWE signing his daughter Ashley to a developmental deal. Which may very well be the case now, but Flair didn't miss those dates of his own volition. According to Mike Johnson of, he's been sent home due to his conduct outside the ring, which has become so bad that "it's not worth keeping Flair around" any longer. TNA management are fed up of his constant inappropriate drunken behaviour, which could involve displays of public nudity given his well known fetish for running around naked, and running up bar tabs he can't afford to pay:

There have been a number of incidents involving Flair at local establishments and bars in Orlando since coming to the company. At one point, sources indicate Flair was banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe in Citiwalk due to an incident with him "acting inappropriate", according to one source, leading to venue management banishing him.

There are also stories aplenty within the company of Flair not being able to cover bar tabs and company management getting a call from the hotel and/or bar seeking payment. Most recently something similar went down at the hotel TNA utilizes for their wrestlers and staff, which the company has had a great relationship with for years, that was the final tipping point.

With Ric Flair not being healthy enough to wrestle on a fairly regular basis anymore, it becomes hard to justify his hefty appearance fee, especially when he brings with him such personal baggage and management headaches. He's also a bad influence to the TNA locker room with his all night partying.

To be blunt Ric Flair's personal life has been a car wreck with one pile up after another for so long it is hard to keep up. It would take a small essay to go over every fine detail. But you should check out these posts that do a good job summarising his checkered history:

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I think at this point it is clear that Flair is a functioning alcoholic who can't manage his money, but people keep enabling him because he's such a charming celebrity conman. He needs help, just like Chyna does (although her problems are obviously a lot more serious than Flair's), but he will never receive it, as there will always be cronies and fanboys around to convince him otherwise. You have to be seriously messed up for TNA to want rid of you for good, if you're a top star. Just ask Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle who are still employed by TNA despite their history of substance abuse problems and run-ins with the law.

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