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On This Date in WWE History: Eddie Guerrero destroys the Muta Scale at Judgment Day 2004

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Back in 1992, The Great Muta took on Hiroshi Hase at a New Japan Pro Wrestling show and after getting cracked across the dome with a metal tool, gave birth to the Muta Scale.

The Muta Scale measures amount of blood loss. Say, a wrestler eats a chair shot to the skull and gets a nice amount of color. That might be a .5 on the Muta Scale.

Even in all my days of watching Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and all manner of deathmatches from Japan, I had never seen a match where someone replicated -- hitting a 1.0 -- Muta's blood loss.

That is, not until WWE Judgment Day 2004.

Eddie Guerrero took a direct chairshot -- ugh -- from John Bradshaw Layfield not only hits the fabled score but downright sets it on fire and rebuilds it in his own image.

To this day, I now use Eddie Scale rather than Muta.

Check out the bloody good time after the jump.