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On This Date in WCW History: David Arquette retains his World Heavyweight Championship against Tank Abbott

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Seeing as how the headline is wholly accurate, it shouldn't be any surprise World Championship Wrestling (WCW) died the way it did, should it?

The brass at WCW had a grand idea: David Arquette was starring in a wrestle-centric movie called Ready to Rumble which also featured some WCW talent. So to promote the movie and get some nice synergy going -- I guarantee they used that word in the meeting -- they had Arquette show up on Nitro and Thunder.

Sounds fine, right?

Except somehow along the way, he became bosom buddies with Diamond Dallas Page and joined him in his battle against Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff. One tag match on an episode of Thunder in which the stipulations were whoever won the pinfall became world champion later and Mr. Courtney Cox held the same belt worn by the likes of Vader, Sting and Ric freakin' Flair.

The following Monday on Nitro, the newly crowned champ was booked to defend his title against Tank Abbott, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) washout turned wrestler, in a mismatch of epic proportions. Abbott would have and should have won if not for Page running out and nailing him with his finisher and dragged Arquette on top of his prone body.

The star of Eight Legged Freaks would lose the title six days later to Jeff Jarrett who would lose it to Flair a week later but then it was vacated so Jarrett won it back but then Kevin Nash beat him a week after that and gave the title to Flair who then lost it to Jarrett 22 days after he won it in the first place.


Check out the match -- including botched camera work not properly showing Page's Diamond Cutter -- after the jump.