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Report: Brock Lesnar blows up backstage after John Cena promo at Extreme Rules

Apparently, this promo from John Cena to end Extreme Rules 2012 really pissed off Brock Lesnar. Photo via
Apparently, this promo from John Cena to end Extreme Rules 2012 really pissed off Brock Lesnar. Photo via

Well this is an interesting report. (we jest about clicking at your own risk but they're generally on the money with backstage goings on) is reporting that Brock Lesnar blew up backstage at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday night (April 29, 2012) following his match with John Cena.

Why? Because he thought he was double crossed.

Here's the word:

According to several sources, Lesnar lost it on a number of WWE officials and began ripping apart a dressing room, upset over the John Cena promo that closed the PPV. The original plan was for Cena, despite winning, to be so beaten that he was carried out of the building, leaving an opening for Lesnar to brag that while he had lost the battle on a fluke, he had won the war. When Cena decided to address the audience, Lesnar perceived it as Cena double crossing him and lost it on WWE officials.

As usual, take everything with a grain of salt in pro wrestling but this would make sense, all things considered. Lesnar reportedly never liked working with Cena, even eight years ago, then comes back and works a great match with him only to have Cena undercut the result with a promo that got him over big to close the show.

Ultimately, WWE acted as though Lesnar was the big winner, despite referencing Cena's victory a few times, the next night on Raw. Still, in hindsight, Cena's promo made very little sense. We originally thought it was a way to write him off TV but we now know that's not happening. Perhaps it was a double cross.

PWInsider is also reporting that the angle with Lesnar breaking Triple H's arm was already planned as the way to get Brock off television.

Thoughts on this development, Cagesiders?

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