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On this date in WCW history: Raven gets attacked by a fan on Thunder

Flashback to April 9, 1998, when World Championship Wrestling (WCW) held its weekly Thunder program on Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). While it was actually one of the better shows (not named Nitro) for that time, including a great night of work from Chris Jericho, this one stands out in the history books for another reason.

A very scary one.

An unfortunate part of the pro wrestling business is that sometimes fans will blur the lines between illusion and reality, inserting themselves into the show to help change the course of kayfabe destiny. Or, sometimes they just want to do a quick run-in and be seen on television.

And other times they're just fucking bonkers and shouldn't be let into the arena.

Such was the case on this date in WCW history, when Raven was cutting a promo on Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), slumped in the corner against the ring post like he always was, when suddenly a fan snuck up from behind and actually pulled him out of the ring by his hair.

See for yourself, after the jump.

Another bang-up job by WCW security chief Doug Dillinger.

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