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WWE's FCW conundrum: How do you pull out without making Triple H look like a liar?

Triple H's revamp of WWE's developmental system has got off to a very shaky start.
Triple H's revamp of WWE's developmental system has got off to a very shaky start.

The future for Florida Championship Wrestling is looking increasingly ropey, despite Triple H's assurances that FCW was not closing down two weeks ago, shortly after reports prematurely leaked that WWE was indeed going to be doing exactly that.

According to Dave Meltzer on his latest radio show, Bright House Sports, which airs FCW's television show in the Tampa market and was originally told that the television tapings on March 15th would be the promotion's last ones ever before closure, have been contacted by WWE again to be told that they've changed their minds on that decision. Not very surprising news, as just a couple of days ago FCW taped three new episodes of their TV show, which had to air somewhere, but it must be very embarrassing for the WWE personnel involved who had to implement such a cack-handed backtrack. So everyone at FCW can now sleep safe in their beds at night, knowing that no more nasty surprises will be around the corner, right?

Not so quick buster, WWE told Bright House that they only wanted back on their television station temporarily, but didn't tell them how long for. That probably depends on the length of time they feel it is necessary to keep the ruse going and have FCW continue on as a zombie promotion, so that Triple H and the rest of WWE management don't look like complete and utter liars for denying the original claims that they planned to kill off the promotion. Indeed, former TNA Head of Talent Relations Terry Taylor is believed to have been hired by WWE to head up a developmental system in Stamford, Connecticut, until a new, bigger and better, permanent replacement for FCW can be established. It just may now take longer for this plan to come to fruition and move everyone from the pleasant Florida sun to the drab and pricey WWE corporate home.

So we still have plenty of developmental chaos and uncertainty, but forestalling FCW's demise for at least a few months will likely turn out to be not a bad thing, but a good thing. At least when they pull the trigger the second time on the move, everything should be ready in Stamford so a smooth transition can be made from the end of one developmental chapter to the start of a new, hopefully much improved, one.

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