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That was awesome! (clap clap clapclapclap): PAC really is 'the man that gravity forgot'

Photo via <a href="">Dragon Gate USA</a>
Photo via Dragon Gate USA

Since 2010, PAC has been wowing Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA) audiences with his insane aerial attacks.

Dubbed "The Man That Gravity" forgot, he pulls off top rope -- and sometimes second rope -- maneuvers many fans would think impossible.

Within half a year of debuting with DGUSA, he and partner Masato Yoshino became the promotion's first tag team champions, holding the belts for nearly a year. They would lose the straps to CIMA and Ricochet, another high-flyer we've highlighted in "That was awesome!"

PAC's skill are so highly regarded, he's become a regular fixture in the original Dragon Gate, having completed several tours with the Japanese promotion since 2007.

Today's edition highlights exactly what makes PAC such a fan favorite.

You've heard of a corkscrew moonsault, I'm sure.

And you've heard of a shooting star press, right?

But have you ever seen the two moves combined?

You will after the jump.

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