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Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) spoilers for April 22, April 29 and May 6, 2012 episodes

FCW logo
FCW logo

I didn't think I was going to type up another one of these again.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

If I had to create a WWE programming hierarchy, it'd go something like this: Superstars is at the bottom. Sorry but seven minute matches between Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater don't get me going especially when there isn't any kind of storyline to hook me in. RAW used to come next but it's pretty much tied with Smackdown at this point after a few disappointing episodes from the Blue Crew.

Second from the top is NXT. The show is filled with a group of young Superstars who have figured out they can kind of do whatever they want since Vince McMahon probably doesn't even realize NXT is still a thing. Derrick Bateman, Maxine and Johnny Curtis have been surprising me week in and week out. Also, the theme song is a cheesy guilty pleasure. Oh, and WILLIAM FREAKIN' REGAL.

But at the top of the mountain is Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Besides also getting my Regal Fix, FCW gives Antonio Cesaro, Kassius Ohno, Richie Steamboat, Dean Ambrose and Damien Sandow although the latter two look to be headed to Smackdown very soon.

The booking follows a beautiful K.I.S.S. formula which makes the show an absolute joy to watch. If WWE somehow gets FCW more readily available, that'd be a wonderful, wonderful day.

Straight from sPyWareInsider, here are spoilers from last night's (April 5) batch of TV tapings,

Episode air April 22, 2012

Jason Jordan picked up a win over Damien Sandow. With Sandow set to debut on Smackdown in the very near future, it looks like they'll be jobbing him out. Conor O'Brian beat Jiro as well.

Husky Harris, looking like Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear, cut a promo with Eli Cottonwood at his side. This, combined with their tag team title loss, sure makes it look like the the Rotundo Connection might be over. Harris went on to defeat Aiden English.

Current Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins cut a promo on Kassius Ohno.

Corey Graves and Jake Carter retain the tag straps by beating Mike Dalton and C.J. Parker. The champs used manager Abraham Washingston's cane to help secure the win.

Episode to air April 29, 2012

Rick Victor beat Benicio Salazar and Bo Rotundo wins out over Big E Langston.

FCW General Manager -- and super fox -- Summer Rae announced a special 30 minute Jack Brisco 15 title match for next week's show between champ Richie Steamboat and his challenger, Antonio Cesaro. The two come down to the ring to mad dog each other and oh yeah, Jim Ross will be doing commentary. Too sweet.

James Bronson made Nick Rogers submit but first, he told William Regal he and Dean Ambrose had unfinished business so the English veteran couldn't have him just yet. After the ending, Bronson continued to attack Rogers until Regal intervened. That brought out Garrett Dylan to attack Regal which brought out Ambrose to attack Dylan. Both Regal and Ambrose slapped on Regal Stretches and then stared each other down.

The main event saw Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defeat Kassius Ohno. Can't wait to see that one.

Episode to air May 6, 2012

Brad Maddox and Leo Kruger defeat Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton. Wasn't Dalton just tagging with Parker? That sounds like some Teddy Long chicanery to me.

Paige picked up a non-title win over FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz and Audrey Marie. Paige got the win after pinning Diaz while the Eddie Guerrero offspring was about to hit the third of the Three Amigas.

And in the maaaain event, Steamboat retained his Jack Brisco title in a 30 minute Iron Man match against Antonio Cesaro with a final tally of three pinfalls to the Swiss' two. The second generation star got the first pin but Cesaro quickly tied it up and then pulled ahead nearly 20 minutes in. Steamboat evened the scored with a few minutes left and then sealed the win in the closing seconds.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Anyone planning on watching some FCW action?

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