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CM Punk injured by Chris Jericho's attack at Raw according to

Well, that will happen when you get a bottle of Jack Daniels smashed across the back of your skull.

Of course, judging by how the glass actually shattered in Chris Jericho's hand prior to connecting to the back of CM Punk's head, we can all assume maybe the bottle wasn't exactly on the up and up.

This is professional wrestling, after all.

It didn't make the segment any less powerful and brought Jericho to an astonishingly strong point after cleanly losing the night before at WrestleMania 28. I opined the challenger would have to win to convincingly keep the story afloat but was proven wrong after Punk retained the title in Miami but got laid out in the most brutal of fashion the following night.


After Chris Jericho brutally attacked WWE Champion CM Punk on Raw, has learned the champion suffered a contusion to the back of the head, according to WWE medical personnel. Although The Straight Edge Superstar did not suffer any permanent injury, the full impact of the brutal assault on the champion is yet to be seen.

Granted, even in kayfabe terms, this seems pretty weak. A "contusion to the back of the head" translates to a bump on the noggin. If the injury was legitimate, I could understand WWE trying to play down the actual effects but in a storyline? It seems weaksauce.

Make up a story about how the WWE Champion was suffering some concussion-like symptoms or that a giant gash opened up. Granted, Vince McMahon and company likely might want to stray away from the dreaded C-word as much as possible but a few stitches would be enough to keep a doctor from allowing Punk to compete.

And that's where this is all headed, right? WWE is trying to build suspense the "Straight Edge Messiah" might not be able to participate in April 29's Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV). Punk had just gone through a brutal match with former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, brutal enough to get counted out in so why not add a throwaway line like "in addition to injuries suffered at the hands" at the end of the column?

I get what WWE is trying to do here, it just seems half-hearted and a bit... safe.

And what everything that has transpired the past 72 hours, it felt like maybe, just maybe, Vinnie Mac and his crew were coloring outside the lines just a little bit.

Am I wrong, Cagesiders? Reading too much into this?

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