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WWE Smackdown spoilers for April 6, 2012, featuring World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

Surely, after the incredible Raw on Monday night (April 2), there's no way Smackdown could follow it up.

I mean, not only did Raw have an awesome match between WWE Champion CM Punk and Mark Henry, it saw the return of BROCK freakin' LESNAR.

What's a taped show to do?

Oh, I don't know? Debut one of the best Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) talents the Tampa promotion has? A great No Disqualification WrestleMania 28 rematch between Randy Orton and Kane? The revelation of Teddy Long's fate following his team's loss on Sunday (April 1)?

How about a non-title match between newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio?

All this and a certain lovely Diva becomes single. Be still, my beating heart.

Smackdown taped last night from Orlando, FL and will air on Friday (April 6). But you can find out everything that happens right now.

Full spoilers after the jump.

Recently appointed Smackdown General Manager John Laurinaitis and his right hand man David Otunga kicked the show off. The "Team Johnny" head wanted to bring Teddy Long out "one last time" but the disrespectful Long told him to go to hell. For shame, Theodore! Laurinatis, out of the kindess of his heart, decided not to fire Long -- otherwise his grandkids would lose their WWE-sponsored scholarships -- so it looks like Mr. PLAYAPLAYAPLAYA will serve as boot lackey for a while. I'm down with that.

Laurinatis then made a handicap match between former Team Teddy member R-Truth and Teddy Johnny members Otrunga and Mark Henry. My boy Henry straight mercked Truth with a World's Strongest Slam.

Randy Orton defeated Kane in a No DQ match which put their WrestleMania 28 showdown to shame. Expose turnbuckles, chairs, brawling through the crowd... the match had it all.

Ryback aka Skip Sheffield redebuted in the WWE and squashed a jobber an enhancement talent.

During the tease for the next segment with Daniel Bryan, a huge "Yes~!" chant broke out. Nice. MAH MAN D-BRY came out with the lovely A.J. in no mood to chant. The petite Pokemon princess tried to make her boo feel better about losing the title in (almost) record time but "The American Dragon" was not feeling it. He lashed out at the crowd stating he felt the "Yes~!" chants were meant to mock and then dropped the bomb: he broke up with A.J. He blamed all of his woes on her and even went so far as to call her fat. Way harsh, Ty.

New Intercontinental Champion The Big Show beat Heath Slater while Cody Rhodes was ringside providing commentary. They stared down after the match.

Nikki Bella won a match against Divas Champion Beth Phoenix. Don't worry, Cagesiders, the strap wasn't on the line. Although, if one of the Bella Twins was champ, I could finally tell them apart. Bella wins after Kelly Kelly distracts "The Glamazon."

DAMIEN SANDOW VIDEO DEBUT~! Looks like he's continung his "I'm better than you and my poop don't stink" gimmick from FCW. Good! He pulls it off amazingly. He didn't mention his name so look forward to more of these videos in the upcoming weeks.

The guys in the new The Three Stooges movie wil be on Monday's Raw. Whoopee.

Alberto Del Rio earned a title shot by beating Sheamus via disqualification. The former WWE Champion tried to attack "Great White" with a chair but Sheamus was able to snatch it. He wasn't, however, able to keep the referee from thinking he had used the chair when Del Rio laid out Eddie Guerrero-style. Classic. Sheamus was peeved afterwards and nailed the referee with a Brogue Kick.

Sounds like a solid show. Who will be watching?

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