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Video: Action from the Great White North takes center stage in this week's Podcast-A-Go-Go

Sara Del Rey
Sara Del Rey

I've had a question on my mind for several weeks now that's been bugging me.

When you are being constantly pestered and annoyed through several social media outlets by two men and their devilish imp footsoldier who firmly believe the world is ending on December 12, 2012 -- and thus have nothing to lose -- what can be done?

I still haven't figured it out and unfortunately, neither has Sara Del Rey. Obariyon, Kodama and Kobald, collectively known as The Batiri, have been hounding the "Queen of Wrestling" and even went so far as to post her home address and phone number on the CHIKARA message boards in order to grate on Del Rey's nerves.

She tangled with Kobald at Green Ice in the opening match, the first CHIKARA match to ever take place on Canadian soil. The bout is highlighted in this week's Podcast-A-Go-Go.

Also highlighted is CHIKARA original Jigsaw taking on Mr. Touchdown from the second evening of the promotion's double shot in the Great White North, It's How You Play the Game.

Check it out after the jump!

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