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Video: Daniel Bryan post-Raw speech for hot Miami crowd last night (April 2) on Raw

Brock Lesnar's big return is the talk of the town following last night's (April 2, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, but former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was the true star of the show.

You would know if you watched it because the crowd at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, just wouldn't stop chanting his name. Even during matches he had nothing to do with. Even during John Cena's promo on The Rock that led to Lesnar's big return. It was so over the top, in fact, that Cena was forced to acknowledge the chants.

There also seemed to be a developing theme both at WrestleMania 28 at Sun Life Stadium and Raw last night that the dreaded "WHAT?!" chant has been replaced by Bryan's patented, "YES! YES! YES!"

Bryan was scheduled for the post-Raw dark match in a six man tag that also involved Sheamus. He was pinned by the new champion, too, which caused what most in Miami described as a near riot scenario. Maybe not that crazy but the level with which Bryan was over was simply incredible.

You can see in the above video that Bryan did a speech before exiting the arena and it was utterly insane. Fans of the independent pro wrestling scene have known for years how good Bryan is and now WWE fans have finally come around to it too. At least in Miami.

Kudos, folks. You were phenomenal. As was Bryan in the above video.


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