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Update on Buff Bagwell's condition following automobile accident

Two days ago, we brought you the news Marcus Alexander Bagwell -- better known as Buff Bagwell -- was involved in a serious automobile accident which left him in the hospital's intensive care unit.

Now news concerning the extent of his injuries is coming to light and it's not pretty.

PWInsider (click at your own risk) is reporting Bagwell has suffered a broken neck -- the second time in his life he's had this injury -- as well as a crushed nose, broken cheekbone and a shattered jaw which had to be wired shut.

Bagwell first broke his neck in April 1998 in a match with Rick Steiner. He took several months off, had surgery and returned to action later in the year.

In an interesting development, Bagwell's wife phoned 911 around the time of the accident, telling the operator her husband had called her and was worried he was about to have a seizure. According to his wife, Bagwell has been cutting down on medications while also trying to get off pain killers, the effects of which have caused the former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to have a seizure in the past.

The link provided will take you to TMZ which has the recording of Bagwell's wife with the 911 operator.

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