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On This Date in WWE History: Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon's unholy wedding

Yep. This happened on Raw on April 23, 1999, the night after Backlash.
Yep. This happened on Raw on April 23, 1999, the night after Backlash.

It's easy to forget but some of the storylines borne from the Attitude Era were about as wacky as it gets. That includes the storyline involving Undertaker, his Ministry stable and Stephanie McMahon that took place on this date in WWE history (April 26, 1999).

Undertaker had abducted Stephanie at Backlash (Where to, Stephanie?!?) the previous evening, the very first incarnation of that pay-per-view event (as detailed by Sergio right here). "The Deadman" then offered to return Vince McMahon's daughter in exchange for ownership of the WWF.

Vinny Mac agreed and drew up all the documents to take to the location Undertaker dictated. But 'Taker never showed up.

Instead, he came rolling out with all his minions on Raw with Stephanie strapped to Undertaker's symbol that looked far too much like a cross for anyone's liking. Jim Ross's commentary when they bring her to the ring strung up like she's Jesus Christ is as good as possible under the circumstances.

Paul Bearer then proceeds to preside over the ceremony for this "unholy wedding" that would join Stephanie with the "Lord of Darkness." A few wrestlers come out to try to make the save, including both Ken Shamrock and Big Show, but they're dealt with rather quickly by the Ministry.

Undertaker even gets all the way to saying "I do" in the creepiest voice in the history of time. But just before he can kiss his bride, Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits and he comes down to stomp a mudhole in the Ministry's ass. That means a short punch off with Undertaker, a Stunner for Mideon, and a few chair shots to the head for the Acolytes. Actually, Mideon took a Stunner and a chair shot to the dome.

Poor guy.

If this sounds like an insanity you would prefer to come back over the current product now, you probably grew up during this time period and are waxing nostalgic. That includes me. Even with how zany the entire thing is I can't help but long for storylines like this.

Watch the video of the entire thing go down after the jump.

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