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Video: Diamond Dallas Page hits a Diamond Cutter on Stephan Bonnar


Everyone's favorite new age yoga instructor and former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) made an appearance on Inside MMA recently and while he was there, he was asked by a fan to give The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 1 finalist and UFC Light Heavyweight Stephan Bonnar a Diamond Cutter.

And he obliged. Skip to the 3:35 mark to see it all go down.

Okay, so it's not the best Diamond Cutter old DDP has ever executed but Bonnar should be commended for his sell job. And considering Brock Lesnar is back and Tito Ortiz has even made a few passing remarks about jumping into the pro wrestling pool, maybe Bonnar could follow suit.

Yes? No? Maybe so?

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