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On This Date in WWE History: In Your House goes the way of the buffalo with Backlash 1999

Photo via <a href="">Wikimedia</a>
Photo via Wikimedia

Debuting in May 1995, In Your House (IYH) was a pay-per-view (PPV) concept designed to bridge the gap between the Big Four -- Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series -- while also testing the market waters.

Would WWE fans buy a show each and every month?

The answer was a resounding yes and pretty soon the experiment became the norm and we were treated to at least 12 PPVs a year.

For nearly half a decade, the smaller shows kept the IYH branding while also having a secondary title such as Beware of the Dog, Mind Games and Revenge of the Taker. Eventually the IYH name itself got bottom billing and on April 25, 1999, it finally went away for good.

13 years ago today, the day Backlash: In Your House broadcast from Providence, RI with a main event of The Rock taking WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The "Bionic Redneck" would retain his title and the show ending with The Undertaker kidnapping Stephanie McMahon.

That's how you end a show, Vinny Mac, not with John Cena grinning like a buffoon in the ring.

The full main event after the jump.

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