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Paul Bearer miraculously survives after being locked in freezer for hours on WWE Raw

Thankfully, Paul Bearer is alive, you guys.
Thankfully, Paul Bearer is alive, you guys.

Great news, everyone -- Paul Bearer is, in fact, alive.

On last night's (April 23, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Paul Bearer was kidnapped and tied up by Randy Orton as a way to get back at Kane, whom Orton is in the midst of a bitter feud with. After taking Bearer hostage, "The Viper" made sure everyone could see what he would do next ... and it was unbelievable.

He actually locked Kane's father in an ice cold freezer!

That's not even the most alarming part, however. Upon seeing this, "The Big Red Monster" simply laughed and professed that Paul Bearer isn't actually his real father. No, Kane is spawned from the Devil himself.

And bah gawd, he had no intention of saving Bearer from his icy fate. But the story doesn't even end there.

Not only did Kane outright declare his intention to let the man who helped create him suffer a long, slow, painful death, he even went to the freezer to get Bearer out to say a few words to him.

Was he coming to save him? No. He was coming to rescue him just so he could send him back into the freezer to finish the job himself! What a dastardly act by a son to his father. Patricide!

But this story has a (relatively) happy ending, thankfully. According to the WWE Insider, Bearer made it out of the freezer alive and is currently receiving medical attention.

Medical officials have confirmed that Paul Bearer is being treated for hypothermia after Kane locked him in the freezer on #Raw last night.

We here at Cageside Seats would like to wish Bearer all the best during his recovery period.

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