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Alistair Overeem denied license at NSAC hearing today, CM Punk stirs the pot on Twitter

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Alistair Overeem -- the very same man who sent now Brock Lesnar into mixed martial arts (MMA) retirement and back into our pro wrestling lives -- had his big hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) today to answer for a failed drug test for an elevated T/E ratio back in March at a UFC 146 press conference.

"The Reem" was applying for his fight license and trying to avoid a year long vacation. For, you see, if he were to be denied his license at this hearing, he wouldn't be able to apply for another one for one year.

Overeem and his team first requested a continuance and when that was denied, stated their case as best they could. It was a wacky hearing that featured a goofy doctor who looked like he was on trial for murder cracking under the pressure and the team charged with saving Overeem's hide acting flustered by the entire process.

That's probably because they had such a weak explanation.

As expected, Overeem claimed he was taking something for an injury and he didn't know the full contents of what he was injecting himself with. Naturally, this didn't go over well and he was denied his license. But, because the NSAC is so very good to fighters -- even ones caught with their hand in the cookie jar -- they decided to show leniency. Instead of one year, "The Reem" gets to wait nine months until he can apply for his license to fight again.

Way to send a message to those dopers out there, huh?

This was all covered extensively on social media sites like Twitter and that, naturally, brought out a few pot stirrers. Men like WWE Champion CM Punk. The "Straight Edge Superstar" himself made sure to kick Overeem while he was down shortly after the hearing ended:

"Man. I understand wanting to get every advantage you can, but what athlete doesn't see that everyone who's cheated gets caught? 'I didn't know what I was putting in my body' is the new 'my phone got hacked.' Be accountable. Stop being a sissy."

Well, I suppose if there is one person in the pro wrestling industry who can take a swipe at drug users in sports and not look like a complete fool, it's CM Punk.

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