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PWG DDT4 results: Kevin Steen and Super Smash Brothers win, Gillian Jacobs and Hayley Williams dig half-naked guys

What do Community star Gillian Jacobs and Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams have in common?

Well, besides being level 10 hotties -- call me -- they were both in attendance at last night's Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) show. Also, that guy from New Found Glory who was like 12-years old and in Shai Hulud was there too. A Profound Hatred of Men is still pretty dope. Also, It's Not Your Fault is great too, sue me.


The sixth annual Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament (DDT4) went down in Cali with eight teams hoping to join the ranks of The Young Bucks and others as the next hottest duo on the indie wrestling circuit. PWG tag champs, Appetite for Destruction -- Kevin Steen and Super Dragon -- were scheduled to enter the tournament but Dragon suffered an injury which forced the team off. Steen instead issues an open challenge for his PWG World Championship while DDT4 would be used to crown number one contenders.

The open challenge would be answered by none other than DDT4 participant Sami Callihan who Steen was able to defeat despite a stiff challenge from "The Callihan Death Machine."

Callihan also came short in the tag team tournament with partner Roderick Strong as they fell in the first round to the team taking the place of the champs, El Generico and Willie Mack. The thrown together duo would eventually brand themselves as Two Husky Black Guys as the event continued.

The RockNES Monsters would advance in the tournament by defeating The Fightin' Taylor Boys and Future Shock -- Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly -- knocked off The Dynasty -- Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky. In the final first round bout, Super Smash Brothers defeated two-time DDT4 winners The Young Bucks to advance to the semi-finals.

Super Smash Brothers then went on to defeat another young team in Future Shock while Two Husky Black Guys continued their Cinderella story by beating RockNES Monsters.

And in the finals, the video game aficionados beat Mack and Generico to become the newest DDT4 winners thus earning them a shot at the tag straps in the future.

PWG is undoubtedly the West Coast's answer to Ring of Honor (ROH). While the Philadelphia company takes itself insanely serious -- perhaps too serious? -- PWG is content to have a little fun but unlike CHIKARA, there isn't a whole lot of storylines to follow in the Cali company. It very much feels at home in the free-wheeling, fun-loving attitude the "Golden State" seems to be known for.

You want to see Steen take on Callihan for no other reason than just to see it? PWG's got that covered.

If you're in the area, definitely check it out.

And hey, you might even get a TwitPic opportunity with a celebrity.

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