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On This Date in WCW History: The Giant beats Ric Flair to win the world heavyweight title on Nitro

There's not much to say about the above video, which features The Giant defeating Ric Flair to win the world heavyweight title on this date (April 22) in WCW history.

WCW was picking up a bit of steam at this time and the nWo angle was just around the corner. The Giant -- you know him better as Big Show today -- was perpetually involved in angles with Hulk Hogan, so he's mentioned often during this match.

A few other things stick out upon another viewing of this match:

  • Giant couldn't work to save his ass.
  • Ric Flair really could get a broomstick over.
  • The crowd has absolutely no clue what to cheer for and they exercise perhaps the worst pro wrestling knowledge ever when they fail to recognize the finishing sequence and cheer out of surprise more than anything when Giant gets the pin.
  • This was a god awful match.
  • Is anyone surprised to see the WCW heavyweight title changing hands on a Nitro?

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