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Zack Ryder complains about WWE YouTube censorship

Zach Ryder's latest edition of his weekly video blog series Z! True Long Island Story, is up on WWE's YouTube channel, which can be seen here, but he's not happy with the way it turned out. Ryder took to his official WWE Twitter account to complain about the company censoring this episode:

Episode 63 of Z! True Long Island Story The best 2 minutes of the show were removed by WWE.

Sorry Zack Pack. This episode sucks. It would have been one of the best. That's all I can say about it. Next topic...

This strikes me as slightly suspicious behaviour. He's never been censored before, so why would WWE start doing so now? Also drawing attention to it is really dumb, even though it helps get him over as a rebel, because it transfers the heat for a subpar show to WWE creative management, which have been known to be vindictive towards anyone who speaks out of line and may bury him yet further in retribution, if that's even possible after being cuckolded by Eve Torres and turned into Kane's bitch of late.

Indeed, as Dave Meltzer suggested on his daily update earlier today, anything said by a WWE performer on Twitter has to be presumed to be a work unless there's strong evidence to the contrary, since their creative team has gone on a recent kick of doing tons of worked shoot angles via the site, most notably Dean Ambrose's online feud with Mick Foley before he has even debuted on WWE television. The fact that the video was playing into the reality that WWE management hasn't gotten fully behind Ryder and it was a self created phenomenon that they can't control despite their best efforts seems to me to be more evidence against it being a shoot. Here's the sarcastic quote in question:

After WrestleMania there's usually a meeting with all the WWE superstars where we're told to grab the brass ring and step up and try to get over, but for some reason we didn't get that pep talk this year, hmm I wonder why?

What do you think Cagesiders, work or shoot?

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