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TNA star Frankie Kazarian shaves head, donated hair to Locks of Love

Photo via <a href="">TNA Asylum</a>
Photo via TNA Asylum

Christopher Daniels might have taken his freedom but "The Fallen Angel" hasn't taken Frankie Kazarian's heart.

According to an interview with the Miami Herald, the formerly long-haired Kazarian decided it was time to shake up his character and thought a trim was in order.

A long-time metalhead -- Kazarian has sported Metallica's skull logo on his trunks in the past and named his finisher Fade to Black after the band's popular song -- hair down below his shoulders just always made sense for the California native.

But staying fresh is of the utmost importance in the entertainment industry -- and what is pro wrestling if not entertainment? -- and Kazarian felt it was time to lose the hair.

He sported the new look at Sunday's (April 15) Lockdown show and it was quite a departure. It wasn't the Bic-job his tag team partner Daniels has but Kazarian went from metalhead to G.I. Joe seemingly overnight.

Proving he's got as much heart as he does muscle, the TNA star donated his hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization which helps children and young adults going through any manner of illness in which hair loss is present. Hair pieces are created from donations.

Of course, the former X-Division Champion does admit it's much easier to manage. Speaking as a former long-haired metalhead myself, it's the truth.

See, Cagesiders, there's still hope for our industry yet.

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