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A Cagesider gets his due on WWE YouTube clip

This just warms my heart.

WWE went across the pond for an international tour and while they were there, they decided to get a few folks to tell a camera their thoughts on going to live events. A few of them revealed who their favorite WWE superstar is and lo and behold if one of our very own Cagesiders didn't pop up at the 0:14 mark of the video.

In fact, he's the guy in the screen shot before the video plays.

If you recognize him, it's probably because he did an entire article (a great one, by the way) detailing his experiences at Raw this past Monday night. Funky Dung is his screen name (which is awesome) and his costume speaks for itself.

Obviously, WWE knew enough to get him on camera. And now here he is on the front page of Cageside Seats, once again.

C-S-S! C-S-S! C-S-S!

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