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Brock Lesnar a no show at WrestleMania 28, will he be at Raw tonight (April 2) in Miami?

Who wouldn't want to see this on Raw tonight?
Who wouldn't want to see this on Raw tonight?

Despite his hatred for the dirt sheets, Vince McMahon must be happy they were spreading the word of Brock Lesnar's imminent return to his company.

That's because the very fact that Brock Lesnar was linked to WrestleMania 28 last night (Sun., April 1, 2012) added a buzz to the mixed martial arts (MMA) world that wouldn't have been felt otherwise. Or at least not to the extent it was. The event completely took over Twitter and many were eager in their anticipation of Lesnar showing up to wreak havoc and make his grand return on the biggest stage possible.

But he never showed up, despite reports that he was backstage at Sun Life Stadium. Maybe he was there and simply finalizing a deal to drop in at a later time or maybe he was supposed to do a run-in and the script was rewritten at the last minute. No matter what it was, Lesnar did not appear on the pay-per-view broadcast.

His name wasn't mentioned by anyone in WWE either. Well, except for The Rock during the pre-event press conference. When asked who he could envision as potential future WrestleMania opponents, "The Great One" pegged both Lesnar and Undertaker.

To that end, Lesnar could drop by tonight at Raw for a surprise appearance, seeing as it's being held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. And speculation is still high that WWE has plans to announce the main event of WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey next year on tonight's show.

Stay tuned. And be sure to follow along with the Raw live blog right here at 9 p.m. ET for all the latest on Lesnar and every other post-WrestleMania storyline.

Anyone think Lesnar will show up tonight? Are we hoping for such a thing?

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