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Chris Jericho will be out of WWE and back with Fozzy before SummerSlam

If you're wondering how much longer Chris Jericho will be with WWE on a full time basis, wonder no longer.

That's because the Fozzy frontman revealed recently that he will be out of WWE by SummerSlam later this year, which is scheduled to take place on Aug. 19, 2012, in Los Angeles.

"Now wrestling's taken less and less time in my life," Jericho told Metal Injection. "Fozzy is doing really good so it's time to continue to take the band as far as we can go. We'll be on the road (by SummerSlam). Off of one road and on to another road."

Jericho also has a mostly kayfabe interview in the most recent edition of WWE Magazine that says he came back once he realized the potential for an interesting feud with CM Punk. "Y2J" has long had an on again, off again relationship with pro wrestling due mostly to creative differences.

Speaking of Punk, Jericho had a great match with him at WrestleMania 28 on April 1 and the rematch at Extreme Rules on April 29 should be even better. There's no telling how long the two will continue this program but at least now we know the timeframe for Jericho's departure from WWE.

Enjoy him while you can, Cagesiders.

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