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TNA Impact spoilers for April 26, 2012 edition, featuring Eric Bischoff's farewell party

Two nights down, two episode of Impact in the can.

TNA is building up to their next pay-per-view, Sacrifice, is which set to go down on Mother's Day so after she's done unwrapping the Yankee Candes you bought her, you thoughtless no-goodnik, the both of you can sit down and enjoy some rasslin'.

So what can you expect next week?

Devon defends his Television Championship against a foe he knows extremely well while Gail Kim takes on Ms. Tessmacher in a non-title affair.

World Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe see action against the team of Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy while Mexican America's Anarquia challenges one of the best wrestlers on the planet.

All this and Ric Flair throws Eric Bischoff a going away party. How sweet of him.

Full spoilers for tonight's show are here, full spoilers for next week are after the jump!

It's Open Fight Night so Jeremy Borash makes his way to the ring to challenge Eric Bischoff for all the trash he's been talking on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Xanga. Borash challenges him but Bully Ray shows up and lays the announcer out, allowing "Eazy E" to get the pin. Ugh, no one cares.

Devon retained his TV title against Bully Ray, marking the first of weekly title defenses for the Television strap.

Mexican America's Anarquia came out to challenge an American. The most American American ever, Kurt Angle, accepted and tapped him out with an Ankle Lock. Based off what we saw last week, could we be in the middle of an Angle turn?

As mentioned in the tapings for the previous week, a non-TNA wrestler would be to wrestle for a contract. It's called the Gutcheck Challenge and first up was Ohio Valley Wrestling talent Alex Silva. Robbie E beat him with a DDT.

Ms. Tessmacher came out and talked trashed on Knockouts Champion Gail Kim before challenging her to a non-title match. She would end up getting the pin on Kim.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian made their way to the ring to take on TNA World Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe and the team of Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson. Hogan showed up and pulled Daniels and Kazarian out of the match.

The tag champs beat Anderson and Hardy after Joe got TNA's biggest @$hole to tap out. They teased some dissension between the fan favorite team throughout the match and Daniels and Kazarian came out afterwards to attacks the champs.

The Eric Bischoff Farewell Party began with Flair, Gunner, some other guys and the guest of honor himself. It was eventually interrupted by Garett Bischoff, Borash, Austin Aries and some other guys. They bring out a portable toilet which is meant for "Eazy E." All the wrestlers brawl and eventually Baby Bisch and Borash wrangle Eric into the crapper and shove it over.

Yeah, he's covered in it.

Not your best outing, TNA.

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