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TNA Impact spoilers for April 19, 2012: The fallout from Lockdown is felt and a new contender is crowned

Lockdown is in the books.

Now the stars of TNA has some Sacrifice to look forward to.

After Bobby Roode retained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship by the skin of his teeth, everyone is wondering if the promotion would keep up their awful habit of screwing over pay-per-view (PPV) buying fans in favor of scoring bigger ratings for Impact.

Thankfully, this isn't the case. There will be no title match tomorrow (April 19) night on Impact.

There will be some interesting announcements, however, which could provide some interesting developments to Impact. Plus some major news about the Television Championship is revealed.

All this and a new number one contender for Roode's strap is named.

Full spoilers, courtesy of PWTorch, after the jump.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode comes out to gloat over his win at Lockdown and his title reign in general until he's interrupted by Mr. Anderson. Anderson says he doesn't need a beer bottle to win which Roode laughs at before telling him to get in line. That brings out Jeff Hardy who pretty much claims he's number one contender. Anderson and Hardy kind of jaw back and forth until Hulk Hogan shows up on the DixieTron, saying he'll make a number one contender's match later in the night.

Bully Ray and Crimson beat the team of Matt Morgan and Austin Aries.

Garett Bischoff comes out with most of Team Garett from Lethal Lockdown to celebrate their win on Sunday. Ric Flair eventually comes out and claims Eric Bischoff is responsible for the talent inside the ring. Flair says he's throwing a party for his ol' pal Easy E.

Kurt Angle defeated A.J. Styles after some shenanigans from Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels and Kaz brought a piece of paper, presumably with whatever information Daniels is holding over Kazarian. Angle gets the roll-up and afterwards tells Styles he didn't have anything to do with that mess as Styles puts the paper in his tights.

Next up, all the champions make their way to the ring. Hogan also comes down and announced a monthly "Open Fight Night." A non-TNA wrestler will have a match with a TNA star and three judges and Hogan will decide if that person gets a contract. Also, the non-TNA wrestler can challenge WHOEVER and that person MUST accept. This sounds like it could go either way. Roode is pissed about it, Devon is cool and says he wants to be a fighting champion. Hogan then announces the TV title will be defended each week.

Ms. Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Tara defeat TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sarita and Rosita after Tessmacher rolls Kim up for the win.

TV Champion Devon retains against Gunner.

James Storm comes out next to apologize for not winning the title. He says Roode didn't beat him, he beat himself. He ends the promo by saying maybe his luck has run out and leaves. Bummer.

And in the main event, Rob Van Dam beat Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson to become the number one contender to Roode's belt.

Looks like we'll be getting RVD/Roode at Sacrifice. How do you Cagesiders feel about that?

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