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TNA Lockdown results and reactions from last night (April 15): A hero is denied justice

Bobby Roode was brutalized at Lockdown but retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship -- Photo via
Bobby Roode was brutalized at Lockdown but retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship -- Photo via

TNA returned to the city where it was born last night when it presented Lockdown from Nashville, TN. The event guaranteed to have fans talking afterwards and it didn't disappoint.

Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen.

You can read the complete play-by-play from last night's (April 15) event right here.

In the opening bout, a five man team lead by Garett Bischoff took on five TNA superstars led by Eric Bischoff in the annual Lethal Lockdown match.

Each team took turns exchanging the upper hand but it wasn't until the former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) head honcho began a vicious attack on his son with a kendo stick did the match end. Assuming his son was down for the count, Eric turned his back to gloat. When he turned back around, he was the victim of a Jeff Jarrett-like chair shot which earned Garett and his team the win.

Per the match stipulations, Eric is banished from TNA and must stop using the Bischoff name.

More results after the jump!

It was a good night to be a champion as ever single titleholder retained their belt.

The tag team champs, Samoa Joe and Magnus, defended their titles against the returning Motor City Machine Guns and were able to come up victorious after a back and forth affair. Newly crowned TV champion, Devon, stepped inside the ring with the man he won the title from, Robbie E.

In a quick match, the champ retained his belt after a vicious spinebuster. It didn't stop Big Robbie T from attacking Devon after the match, leaving the tag team legend laid out in the middle of the ring.

Knockouts Champion Gail Kim was looking to fend off the challenge of Velvet Sky. The busty blonde put up a good fight, good enough Kim was forced to dig down into her bag of tricks to hold onto her title. Sky went for a roll-up which was countered by the champ who then grabbed a handful to tights to secure the pinfall.

The recently married ODB and Eric Young successfully defended their Knockouts Tag Team straps against the team of Sarita and Rosita.

In non-title affairs, Crimson continued his undefeated streak by beating former partner Matt Morgan and Jeff Hardy pinned Kurt Angle after a Swanton off the top of the cage.

Morgan came out guns a blazing and very easily could have won the match in the opening minutes by escaping the cage but decided to lay more of a beating on Crimson. The decision proved to be his undoing as Crimson would end up taking the advantage. As both men battled along the top side, "The Blueprint" lost his footing and ended up racking him self and then getting his foot caught into the middle and bottom ropes.

With nothing stopping him, Crimson began to climb up and over, landing on the ringside floor to earn the win.

Angle and Hardy stepped into the Lockdown cage and had a really good match. Getting busted open early, Hardy struggled in the early going but soon found his stride. Hitting several high flying moves he's known for, "The Charismatic Enigma" was able to secure the victory after hitting one Swanton off the top rope and then another in the opposite corner off the top of the cage.

And in the main event of the evening, Bobby Roode didn't exactly beat his former Beer Money partner, James Storm, but he won the match anyway.

The grudge match months in the making started off quickly with "Cowboy" attacking the champ before Roode even stepped inside the ring. Several minutes of brawling in the ringside area started us off before the match was officially underway.

Both men were busted open and pulled out all the stops. It was a really good match, I don't think anyone could argue that. The arguments would start up when discussing the ending.

The ending came when Roode opted to not escape the cage but instead called for a six pack of beer. He grabbed one, turned around and busted the challenger over the head with it. Going for the pin, "Cowboy" somehow found it in him to kick out at three.

Distracted from the shock, Roode didn't notice the superkick coming and it knocked him outside of the ropes and onto the apron. A second superkick from Storm knocked Roode through the cage door and onto the ringside floor, earning him the win.

There you have it, Cagesiders. What did you think of the show? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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