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TNA Lockdown results and live match coverage TONIGHT (April 15) from Nashville, TN

TNA Lockdown 2012
TNA Lockdown 2012

Revenge can be so sweet.

TNA Lockdown is all set to pop off TONIGHT (Sun., April 15, 2012) from Nashville, TN, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of TNA Lockdown below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

The main event sees the long-awaited rematch between former Beer Money partners, Bobby Roode and James Storm. Roode was unsuccessful in his bid to win the TNA World Heavyweight title from Kurt Angle at last year's Bound for Glory but Storm made good on his impromptu title defense and defeated the Olympic hero.

Roode would go on to win a number one contender's match but then use a beer bottle to ensure victory when he stepped inside the ring with "Cowboy." Since then, injuries have kept them apart but with all bumps and bruises healed up, it's finally time for Roode to face the actions he's taken and the decisions he's made.

In the annual Lethal Lockdown match, a family feud is at the dead center. Eric Bischoff and his son, Garett, have been at each other's throats for months now and it all finally comes to a head in Nashville. Each has assembled a team to represent them and the stakes couldn't be higher. If Garett's team loses, he must leave TNA. If Eric's loses, he must not only leave the promotion but he will also have to renounce his name.

Taking place in the company's old stomping grounds of Nashville, this year's Lockdown won't be one you'll want to miss.

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


TNA World Heavyweight title match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. James Storm
Lethal Lockdown: Team Garett def. Team Eric
TNA Tag Team titles match: Magnus and Samoa Joe (c) def. The Motor City Machine Guns
Jeff Hardy def. Kurt Angle
TNA Knockouts title match: Gail Kim (c) def. Velvet Sky
Crimson def. Matt Morgan
TNA TV title match: Devon (c) def. Robbie E

Sergio here, folks. See you tonight.

Show opens with James Storm cutting a promo on Bobby Roode. He says, "This is my town. Welcome to Nashville."

The opening video montage highlighting the Roode/Storm rivalry is awesome. Please don't screw this up, TNA.

Team Garett is having a meeting and their captain is asking to allow him to start the match off to prove his heart to everyone. Okay, good, at least they're getting this out of the way now.

Lethal Lockdown: Team Eric vs. Team Garett

Garett and Gunner start us off. Both men will wrestle for three minutes and then alternating team members will drop in every two minutes.

Garett using his speed to attack but Gunner using his strength. A couple of dropkicks -- which Taz call beautiful... ugh -- but Gunner takes control with a chokeslam-type move. Whip against the rope, forearm knocks Garett to his back. Gunner gets his opponent in the corner and continues to attack before landing a hard running knee.

Elbow to the back off the head with 30 seconds left until another wrestler shows up. The countdown starts and it's...


Gunner holding Garett up for Ray and he nails Eric's Baby Boy with a huge boot. Gunner then steps on his opponent's head against the ropes. Garett begins to fight back against Bully but Gunner quickly quashes it. Both men are just laying into the kid. The countdown starts and it's...


Aries comes in like a house on fire, taking out both Gunner and Ray. He ends up causing Ray to clothesline his own partner and then goes to work on Ray in the corner. He backs up and charges in but Ray puts up a boot and knocks "A Double" for a loop. Meanwhile, Gunner is choking Garett in the corner. Aries reverses a whip into the corner and nails a shoulder block and then a dropkick off the top. The countdown starts and it's...


Immediately attacks Aries with a gutwrench powerbomb. Kazarian is sporting a shaved head look. The rulebreakers use the numbers game to take advantage and Gunner nails a nice flying lariat onto Garett who used whipped into it by Kazarian. The countdown starts and it's...


Kazarian immediately meets his former friend but Styles attacks and ends up slamming Kazarian's head with the cage. He boots Gunner and then nails the Gator Kick -- aka Pele -- on Bully. "A Double" nails an elbow drop on Ray. Styles taking it to Gunner. Kazarian still putting the boot to Garett. The countdown starts and it's...


I can never tell based on the music who is coming out. TNA's music all sounds the same and it all sucks. Daniels goes right for Styles and he and Kazarian toss him into the cage. Holy crap, Garett is thrown like a lawn dart into the cage! He'll take a bump, I'll give him that. The formula is getting pretty tired. Rulebreaker comes in, they take over. Fan favorite comes in, they even the odds. The countdown starts and it's...


I hate this guy. And sure enough, he's cleaning house. Multiple elbows on Daniels. Styles and Ray trading punches. Gunner and Kazrian are hurting in the corner. Gunner heads over and puts a boot in Garett's throat. Daniels and Kazarian double back body drop Styles. Ray with a huge corner splash on Styles. The countdown starts and it's Eric Bischoff, duh.

Bull Ray begins clapping as soon as Eric's music hits. Nice. Eric looks to be wearing jeans. He holds his son while Ray slaps his chest. Another huge chop. Gunner joins in. Then Kazarian lands a kick to the face. Daniels taking it to Styles. Crowd starts chanting "R-V-D!" Kazarian taking it to Anderson. Eric is verbally assaulting his son. C'mon, Eric, be a star.

And it comes Rob Van Dam! Cotheslines to Daniels, followed by a superkick. He takes out Gunner. He takes out Kazarian. He takes out Bully Ray. Anderson does his microphone hand gesture thing and the top of the cage starts to lower down. It's loaded with weapons.

Eric is hiding in the corner, BEHIND the ringpost, haha. Very nice touch. Styles begins attacking Ray with a hockey stick. Anderson is taking dudes out with a trash can lid. RVD has the other half and tossing it around. Styles grabs a kendo stick and nails Daniels with it. Aries grabs the lid, walks along the rope and jumps, hitting Ray with it.

Aries and Styles find Eric and toss him in. Aries hits a bodyslam and stomps his face. RVD is going to nail a 5 Star Frog Splash but is knocked down. The rulebreakers begin to take over. Bully launches Aries into the cage. Anderson takes out Ray but Kazarian returns the favor. Styles tries to land something off the top but Kazarian attacks. He climbs up and the two begin battling along the top ropes. They start climbing along the roof of the cage and Kazarian falls to the mat. Styles hits an elbow drop and RVD hits the splash. Styles gets up and immediately eats a boot from Ray.

Ray picks up a chair, looking for someone to hit but ends up getting a Van Daminator. Daniels then hits RVD with the Angel's Wings. Garett makes his way to his feet, nails Daniels with a move and goes for the pin. Papa Eric grabs the kendo stick and starts laying into his son.

Eric wastes time gloating and Garett grabs a guitar and BASHES HIS PAPPY! One, two, three!

Winner: Team Garett by pinfall

Wasn't amazing but wasn't the clusterscrew I thought it would be. It was fun.

TNA Tag Team title match: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Magnus and Shelley start us off. They lock up and Magnus shoves Shelley off. Shelley using his speed early on but ends up eating a clothesline for a one count. Sabin is tagged in and double head kicks puts Magnus on queer street. He tags Joe in.

Joe nails his opponent with a body kick and then attacks in the corner. Headlock from Sabin but is sent to the ropes. He smacks against Joe but the big man doesn't move. He does it again. He finally nails a dropkick and puts Joe down. Tags into Shelley who climbs to the top and nails a high impact move. Joe is able to tag out to his partner.

Sabin is tagged back in and they try to double team Magnus but he fights back and ends up tossing Shelley into his partner. Magnus and Joe then begin making quick tags and cutting the ring off. Sabin nearly fights back but Magnus is able to stop his opponent from tagging out and nails a slam.

Joe tagged in and they try to continue their strategy. Sabin is able to grab ahold of Joe, kick off Magnus and nails Joe with a tornado DDT. Sabin tags out and cleans out. Drops Magnus into the corner and avoids a Joe butt splash. Nearly hits Magnus with a Sliced Bread #2 but Joe stops him. The champs goes for a double team move but Sabin nails Joe with a huge powerbomb.

The challengers take control momentarily but the champions soon regain the advantage. Joe sinks a choke in on Sabin but Shelley hits Sliced Bread #2 on Magnus and goes for the pin, forcing Joe to break the submission and break up the pin.

Minutes later, Joe and Magnus end up winning the match in an ending that sort of came out of nowhere.

Winner and STILL champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus by pinfall

Robbie E promo backstage.

TNA TV title match: Devon (c) vs. Robbie E

Robbie T hits Devon which the champ responds to but it allows Robbie E to gain the advantage. Devon tries to fight back several times but Robbie E is doing a good job keeping in control.

Robbie E climbs onto the top rope to nail some kind of move but Devon hits the rope, lowblowing Robbie E. Devon back in control. Shoulder block and a clothesline put him firmly in control. Devon hits a spinebuster for three?

Wow, okay.

Winner and STILL champion: Devon by pinfall

Robbie T attacks Devon after the match and lays him out.

Jeremy Borash is reading tweets backstage. Ugh, who gives a shit. He's talking to Matt Morgan. He calls the cage a prison cell and says he's going to make Crimson his redheaded bitch. Yikes.

TNA Knockouts title match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Velvet Sky

Kim immediately attacks. Sky blocks a suplex attempt and gets a roll up for one. She then goes for a schoolboy and another pinfall attempt, getting two on each. Kim is able to regain control and hits a European uppercut and then a running high knee.

The champ tries to bash her opponent's head on the turnbuckle but Sky blocks it and starts to attack. She grabs onto a headlock and motions towards the corner but is shoved off. Kim takes control back and begins to work over the spine with a backbreaker and another submission. She then focuses on the leg but Sky is able to boot her off. Kim responds with a running clothesline.

Kim with a headlock but Sky counters with a jawbreaker. Kim recovers and hits an axe kick to the spine and follows it up by smashing Sky's head into the top turnbuckle. She charges into the corner but Sky dodges and both women are on the mat.

Both on their feet and Sky takes over with forearms, clotheslines and a head scissors takedown. A dropkick leads to a bulldog but Kim is able to kick her opponent. Kim begins climbing the cage but Sky follows her up and nails a top rope powerbomb!

The cage door is opened and Kim is able to outsmart her opponent by countering a roll up and then rolling Sky up and grabbing a handful of trunks to get the pinfall.

Winner and STILL champion: Gail Kim by pinfall

Ric Flair comes out and starts insulting the crowd, asking if they know who he is. "I am the Nature Boy, Ric Flair." He starts putting himself over, talking like this is 25 years ago.

He tells the crowd he's pissed off. "Hogan, you just won't leave me alone and tonight, you ended Eric Bischoff's career." He insults a fan and then some generic music plays and apparently it's Hogan.

Flair is telling Hogan he pissed him off. Hogan says Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time. Hogan asks if he can enter the ring. Flair commands So Cal Val to open the ropes for Hogan. Flair is hitting his stride now.

Hogan asks Flair if he's got a problem with how Hogan is running things to let him know now. Flair says he's had a problem with Hogan for 30 years and is upset Hogan put Eric Bischoff in a position to fail. He says one day he'll kick Hogan's ass. Flair calls the Nashville audience hillbillies. "I don't ask you nothin', I tell you!"

Hogan calls the PPV "Lethal Lockdown". Hogan challenges him and Flair says Hogan really pissed him off. He takes his jacket off and Hogan lays him out with one punch. Hogan leaves the ring and Flair gets back up. He starts freaking out inside the ring, throwing his shoes at Hogan and knee dropping his jacket.


TNA delivers a killer Crimson/Morgan promo. These tech guys are amazing. Are they hiring?

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

Crimson tries to escape immediately but Morgan stops him. Morgan starts some offense. He gloats to the crowd and Crimson tries to go out the door but Morgan stops him and slams him against the cage. He almost walks out the door but decided to put "more hurtin' on Crimson" as Taz so eloquently put it.

Crimson ends up hitting a chop block and takes control. Huge clotheslines puts Morgan on his back for a two count. More power offense from Crimson and the crowd is absolutely dead.

Morgan nearly mounts a comeback but gets nailed with a spinebuster for a two count. Morgan stands up in the corner and Crimson rushes him but ends up getting clotheslined. Morgan nailing punches and then a series of clotheslines. Morgan hits a snapmare and then a boot to the face. Morgan hits an inverse chokeslam onto the top turnbuckle and then slams Crimson onto his back. Body splash in the corner and then one against the cage.

Morgan goes for a Yakuza kick in the corner but Crimson dodges and make his way over the cage. Morgan catches up with him and they battle along the top rope. Morgan ends up getting straddled on the top rope and gets his leg caught between the ropes, allowing Crimson to climb over and win.

Winner: Crimson by escape

Angle/Hardy video package.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Angle takes the early advantage by interrupting Hardy's pre-match business. Irish whip reversal from Hardy and he nails a clotheslines. Atomic drop and a leg drop from Hardy. Angle gets an eyepoke and regains control. They mention Angle's wrapped up knee and Tenay wonders if it's a knee or hamstring problem. Um, read Cageside, bro.

Angle in firm control here. He's starting to brag and then grinds Hardy's face against the chain-link fence. Angle slams Hardy against the cage again and Taz can't tell if he's bleeding or if it's some of his stupid facepaint.

Yeah, Hardy is bleeding. He finally counters and ends up slamming Angle against the cage and hits a clothesline. Hardy on fire. Irish whip reversal from Angle but Hardy hits a flying clothesline. He's hitting lots of offense and goes for the Twist of Fate but ends up hitting a stunner.

Hardy starts up the corner and looks to be attempting an escape but Angle pops up and jumps to the rope and hits a top rope Angle Slam. Two count for Angle. Angle tries to climb up but Hardy pulls him down. Hardy then tries to climb up but Angle tries to pull him down. Hardy kicks him off and then hits a springboard Vader bomb off the rope. Two count!

Hardy tries to escape through the door but Angle grabs his ankle and latches on the Ankle Lock. Hardy reverses and slaps on his own! Angle boots him off but Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Swanton Bomb! Hardy up again! He hits a second! Angle kicks out at two!!!

Angle is able to slam Hardy's face against the face and hits an Angle Slam but Hardy kicks out at two. Angle sets Hardy up for another but he floats over and hits his own! HARDY CLIMBING TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE... SWANTON OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE! THREE COUNT!

Winner: Jeff Hardy by pinfall

Oh, there's a Knockout Tag Team title match? Okay.

TNA Knockout Tag Team title match: Eric Young and ODB (c) vs. Rosita and Sarita

The newly married couple come out wearing Predators jerseys. ODB going buck wild to start. ODB press slams Sarita onto Rosita into a pinning position and Young hops in and makes the three count and celebrates. The confusion allows Mexican America to take control.

The Latina ladies starts tempting Young and ODB takes a huge pull from her flask and regains control for her team. He ends up hitting a samoan drop for the win. Filler match.

Winner and STILL champions: Eric Young and ODB

Awesome video package for Roode/Storm. God, I hope this match is good.

TNA World Heavyweight title match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. James Storm

Roode making his way around the ring and Storm attacks him from behind. They're brawling on the outside. Storm slams his opponent against the guard rail and then against the steel steps. Storms takes a swig and spits beer in the champ's face before slamming his face into the commentary table. He climbs on top and gets the crowd riled up and then jumps off, nailing his former partner.

Storm still firmly in control on the outside. He grabs a chair and swings it but Roode ducks under and hits him. He waylays on the challenger and Storm is busted open. They're inside the ring and the match is officially under way. Roode continues to attack but Storm tries to fight back.

The champion quickly quashes it and regains control. Chops in the corner. Roode whips Storm to the corner but eats an elbow on his way in. Storm charges the champ but Roode ends up getting the clothesline. Roode grinding his challenger's face across the cage. He's talking smack to "Cowboy," paintbrushing the back of his head. "You'll never be anything, you son of a bitch."

Storm starts to hulk up and tosses Storm into the corner. Punches in bunches and then forearms off the ropes and then a huge back body drop. Some reversals and counters and Storm ends up catapulting Roode into the cage and then slamming him face first a second time.

Storm hits Eye of the Storm for two. They're both on their feet and Roode ends up hitting a spinebuster for two. Both men are a bloody mess and exhausted. Roode charges Storm but the challenger sidesteps and the champ hits the corner. Bottle Opener combo -- Code Breaker followed by Back Stabber -- gets a two count.

Roode is able to counter Storm's offense and he tosses his former partner against the cage. Roode tries to escape but Storm pulls him back in but Roode locks in a Cripple Crossface. Storm rolls out and they tangle in the ropes, breaking the hold.

They climb up to the top rope but Storm blocks a superplex attempt. They're trading punches and Roode climbs on top of Storm to get over! Storm falls to the mat but makes his way back up quickly and grabs onto the champ's hair. He pulls Roode over and they're trading chops along the top rope. Punches now and they're slamming each other's faces into the steel cage!

Storm ends up landing three straight faceplants and Roode drops. Storm starts to climb over but lowers down and then hits a TOP ROPE CODBREAKER, HOLY EFF!

He's setting up the superkick but Roode pulls the referee in the way! Storm drops from exhaustion, apparently, and Roode calls for the six pack. He grabs a beer and smashes it over his former partner's skull. One... two... thrKICKOUT!!!!


Both men are staggered.

Another superkick but it knocks Roode outside of the cage! ROODE WINS!

Winner and STILL champion: Roode via escape

And that's it, folks!

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