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CHIKARA results: I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle from New Jersey sees another Gekido victory

CHIKARA invaded Rahway, NJ today with their brand of professional wrestling and put on I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle, nine match which promised a ton of fun and even more action.

So what went down?

Ophidian defeats UltraMantis Black with an inside cradle, not only stealing the win away but also keeping the already stolen staff of Mantis as a result.

Kobald, fresh off an upset win over "Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey picked up a second consecutive victory by felling Saturyne. "The Intergalactic Luchadora" put up a good fight but couldn't overcome that little demonic imp.

A four-team elimination bout came next with the possibility of earning a tag team title shot for the winners. Since each fall counted towards earning a point -- three are needed to challenge for the Campeones des Parejas -- if a team were to eliminate the three other teams, they would instantly earn themselves a shot.

And that's exactly what recently ousted champs F.I.S.T. did.

They eliminated The Maximos first and followed it up by knocking the team of QT Marshall and Jack Bonza out of contention. They finished the clean sweep by pinning The Bravados and thus earning three points in quick fashion. They will challenge for their lost titles soon enough.

Going into the event, Archibald Peck hadn't won a match since the end of October. The losing streak was enough to anger his valet, Veronica, and turn her wandering eye towards CHIKARA newcomer Mr. Touchdown. Veronica didn't bother her hide her affections and the two men she was caught in the middle of met up tonight in Rahway. Peck debuted his new Mixed Martial Archie gimmick, a cage fighter hailing from an MMA gym in Las Vegas.

Peck's losing streak continued tonight but it was as a result of a disqualification. Turns out Archie snapped and wouldn't let up, forcing the referee to DQ him for use of excessive force. We'll see how Veronica reacts to her beau's new attitude.

Two former Young Lions Cup holders faced off next with Jigsaw getting the win over former Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK) member Tim Donst but fellow BDK cohort Jakob Hammermeier stole a win from the returning CHIKARA original Dragonfly.

As I wrote about earlier, Gran Akuma is in the middle of a trial series of matches to earn his spot back on the CHIKARA roster. He already defeated Chuck Taylor and took on Gregory Iron today. He picked up the win over the "Handicapped Hero" but only after Icarus laid both men out. Now the question is, who is next for Akuma?

Even before Del Rey's loss to Kobald, The Batiri wouldn't stop hounding her on Twitter. But after? They were downright brutal. "Queen of Wrestling" got a measure of revenge today by defeating Kodama but was the victim of a post-match beatdown.

And in the main event, Gekido -- represented by 17, Shard, combatANT and assailANT -- taking on The Colony and Grand Champion Eddie Kingston. The pretenders score the pinfall after combatANT took out Soldier Ant in a 15 minute affair.

Try as they might, The Colony can't seem to get figure out their new foes. Should be interesting to see if Gekido's next step in their master plan unfolds in a couple of weeks at the CHIKARA/Ring of Honor supershow in Chicago.

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