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Kevin Nash staying ready for potential WWE return

Well, if there was ever any doubt that Kevin Nash's "retirement" following his match against Triple H at TLC in December of last year was bogus, here's more proof.

Nash answered a few fan questions on Twitter recently and when asked if a TNA return is in the works, he instead brought up WWE and the fact that he's just waiting for the call to come in.

"Waited 7 months after the Rumble, just staying ready if WWE needs a fit, 52 year old gray headed 6'10'' dude," he tweeted.

Surely Nash is hoping that phone call comes and the voice on the other end is his buddy Triple H telling him he can go ahead and complete that feud with CM Punk. And maybe that will happen if Punk falls down the card as so many have waited for him to do.

But Punk has sustained his spot in the main event picture as the WWE champion and the prospect of Nash coming in to work with him is still just as preposterous as it was in the summer of last year.

But does that mean there's no place within the company for a guy like Nash? Cagesiders, would you like to see the big man back in some capacity? Or have you had enough of him?

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