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Kurt Angle officially bows out of Olympic bid, promises to still wrestle at Lockdown

Fill this one under "Surprise, Surprise."

My Cageside colleague Keith Harris has been following Kurt Angle's Olympic bid for months now and it looks as if the TNA star's journey has finally come to an end.

Via his official Twitter account, Angle has confirmed what was reported last week and is dropping out of the Olympic trials due to a hamstring injury. He also throws in a bum knee for those playing Parker Brothers' Kurt Angle Injury board game at home. A partially torn MCL is the culprit according to the former WWE Superstar.

Luckily for any Cagesider looking forward to his match with Jeff Hardy at Sunday's (April 15) TNA Lockdown pay-per-view (PPV), Angle has promised to wrestle despite this setback.

Let's see here... your hamstring is completely torn up and your knee is shot so the best course of action is to step inside of a steel cage with Jeff Hardy? It's this kind of reckless behavior which put Angle's body in the shape it's in now.

There's always a chance TNA refuses to allow Angle to wrestle on Sunday but with their checkered past when it comes to dealing with their talent, I wouldn't hold out too much hope.

Check out exactly what Angle had to say after the jump.

Over the course of 11 tweets sent earlier today...

"Due to Hamstring@Knee Injuries, I'm forced to Pull out of trials. Had a talk W/ Usa Wrestling Coach Zeke Jones Who has Supported Me all Year.

I trained Extremely hard for a full Year. I'm Very Disappointed. I want to thank All the fans for Ur Support. U Motivated Me.

I Must focus On TNA and Lockdown PPV, Which Has Always Been My 1st Priority. I Hope to Be Able to Put On the Best Performance I Can.

TNA Has Supported My Olympic Dream Since the Day I Approached Dixie Carter about My Quest for Gold! Thank You. I injured My MCL in My Knee.

The Doctors Say It's a partial tear which will take 4-6 Months w/ rehab. I Will have It Heavily Protected at Lockdown.

I've Had Prior Knee Injuries More Serious than this @ Still Won Ncaa's but I Must Put My Job in Tna 1st. Again, thank You all for Us Support.

Ur Support. Your Prayers and Support Have motivated Me to Put On the Best Performance I Can at Lockdown, Considering My injuries.

As Zeke Jones told Me, We Were Hoping that Father time Would Hold Off Until After London Olympics. Unfortunately It Hit Me Hard 1 Month

Prior to Olympic trials. Thank You to All My training Partners, Especially Edinboro Univ Wrestlers and Coach Tim Flynn and Tony Dipietro.

Training for Gold and Wrestling for #ImpactWrestling at the Same time took it's toll. I'm Still Proud that I Went 4 It at age 43. Thx to

all the fans Who Supported Me! I Will Heal and focus On What I Do Best and that's Perform for all Of You. GOD Bless!"

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