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Press Release: Ring of Honor (ROH) announces Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen at Border Wars on May 12

ROH Border Wars Richards Steen
ROH Border Wars Richards Steen

The news broke on Saturday after footage of ROH's recent private press conference aired during "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV this weekend. It will be ROH World Champion Davey Richards defending his championship against "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen on May 12 at "Border Wars" in Toronto!!!

It is the most demanded match from the ROH faithful since Kevin Steen was officially reinstated following "Final Battle 2011" and it will go down at The Ted Reeve Arena. It must be noted that this match was essentially demanded by Richards after Steen crashed the press conference and that, despite the extreme protestations from Jim Cornette, was made official when Davey held a metaphorical gun to Cornette's head, threatening to forfeit the title and go to Japan if the match wasn't made.

"I looked in your eyes Jimmy," said Kevin to, "and you know what I saw? I saw fear. Real fear, the kind of fear little kids have when the shadows get too dark at bedtime or the kind of fear you have when you see the drive-thru at Wendy's closed early. You know the truth, you know Davey can't stop me, and you know I will be the returning hero walking into Canada that night. It's going to kill you to hear my name get chanted, but just remember, it's only going to get worse when I'm your World Champion. I know Davey and I will tear the house down, and I know we will have a fight that everyone will remember because he isn't scared to face me and he isn't scared of what I represent. He's a machine, I'm a monster, together we will make this show a piece of history."

There's more to the story though as not only did Davey force this match, he also forced Jim's hand to rescind the ban on the piledriver for this match. The Package Piledriver that put El Generico on the shelf for four months, put Steve Corino down in December, and has been blocked since Steen's reinstatement will once again be in play. This is a war for the ages, and it all goes down at "Border Wars" on May 12th in Toronto, ON!!! Tickets for our return to The Ted Reeve Arena are available now!!!!

More information on ROH and Sinclair Broadcasting Group after the jump.

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