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WWE Smackdown results and live blog tonight (April 10): The Blast from the Past

WWE Smackdown is back with another live Tuesday night special tonight (April 9, 2012) from Hampton, Virginia, featuring a Blast from the Past, as the company is calling it.

That means special guest appearances by a bunch of old legends ranging from Mick Foley to Roddy Piper to Dusty Rhodes to the "Million Dollar Man," Ted DiBiase. Expect a lot more than that, too.

Sheamus is also on the docket for tonight, as he's facing punishment in some form or another from John Laurinaitis for his Brogue Kick attack on a referee last week. Alberto Del Rio lied, cheated, and stole his way to victory, so Sheamus got Irish pissed and snapped on the official.

Heel turn forthcoming? We'll see.

Oh and Daniel Bryan should be making his first official appearance wearing the new "YES! YES! YES!" t-shirt. Word on the street is WWE is starting to push this catchphrase hard, even using plants at events with signs encouraging it.

Maybe they're just trying to get rid of "WHAT?!"

Smackdown kicks off at 8 p.m. ET so be sure to come back and join us right here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders. It's always a good time. Live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

It's Blast from the Past night. We've got a ton of legends making their returns. Some good names in there, too. Piper, DiBiase, Foley, The Fink. Here we go.

Do you know your enemy? I only ask because Green Day is doing the same during this terrible theme song. Only WWE could consistently screw up this bad with its theme music. At least lately. They used to be money.

Even though this is Blast from the Past, the set looks the same. That kind of sucks.

Video replay to open showing Daniel Bryan breaking up with AJ last week. Poor thing. Bryan will be a special guest in Piper's Pit tonight, though, to get the chance to explain himself.


Aw, shit, "Mean" Gene Okerlund is in the ring. He brings out Sheamus, who gets a pretty solid pop this time.

Stop cheering this man, marks.

Michael Cole starts in on him on commentary for the Brogue Kick on the referee last week. Booker T says he didn't agree with what Sheamus did last week but sometimes you just gotta do stuff.


Sheamus takes the mic from "Mean" Gene and tells him to bail out. Oh, to hell with you, Sheamus.

He's apologizing for letting everyone down last week. He didn't carry himself like a champion and there's no excuse for his behavior. He wants to publicly apologize to Chad Patton, the referee he murdered, and everyone else all around the world. He's sorry.

That's good, Casper, don't let it happen again.

He said he hopes everyone accepts an apology from a red-headed Irishman. Some learn easy, some learn hard, he learns hard.

Out comes John Laurinaitis and he's down to the ring with a head of steam. He cuts Sheamus off and rolls tape of what Sheamus did last week to the referee.

Sheamus looks sheepish. "Ace" asks who he thinks he is. How dare he do what he did. Laurinaitis says he wants Sheamus to publicly apologize.

"I just did," says Sheamus.

"Well, I didn't hear it. Do it again," replies Laurinaitis.

So Sheamus apologizes again. Laurinaitis says to apologize to all the referees now. Again, Sheamus says he already said it but because "Ace" didn't hear it, he's got to do it again.

So he does. Begrudgingly, but he does it.

Now Laurinaitis tells him to apologize to the world and Sheamus laughs. "You think this is funny? You see a smile on my face?," says Laurinaitis.

This is so brilliant.

Sheamus does as he's told with a smile and Laurinaitis says that wasn't good enough. He's on probation as punishment and if he touches a referee again, he's fired. Oh and he's fined $500,000, the most anyone has ever been fined in WWE history.

Laurinaitis then announces that Sheamus will be tagging up with Gene Okerlund for a tag team match later in the night against Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan.

Cut to backstage and we see an RKO shirt. Randy Orton is standing around shirtless and "Cowboy" Bob Orton shows up. They hug and dad tells son good luck and that's that.

Commercial break.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry -- I think we can be sure a smoz finish is forthcoming here. They wouldn't job Henry to Orton just before a big title match they're advertising for Raw next week, would they? In fact, they run the ad spot right before this match.

Kane might as well come out to watch this match ringside.

Booker T puts over Henry big, talking about how he felt his back was broke after the World's Strongest Slam Henry gave him at WrestleMania. That's perfect.

Orton takes the early edge with punches but Henry throws him off. Real awkward early. Orton battles back but Henry gets a knockdown on a punch and he's in control.

Okay, back to Randy punches. And more. Now punching in the corner. Henry grabs him off the turnbuckle and hits a running power slam. They show "Cowboy" Bob in the back watching a monitor. If they're continuing the Kane feud, he'll show up and terrorize the old man to distract Orton to give Henry another disqualification/count out finish.

Commercial break.

Henry still in control coming back in from break. They show Orton getting his licks in during the break, only to have Henry come back and continue dominating the match.

Scoop slam from Henry and a splash off the ropes but that only gets two. He continues on the same path, working Orton over. Again, he goes for a splash but Orton moves this time and finally hits some offense other than a punch. Multiple clotheslines lead to a kick to the gut and a DDT.

Two count.

Orton going for the draping DDT off the ropes but Henry gets in and looks for the World's Strongest Slam. Orton counters by hopping over and looking for the RKO but Henry sends him flying out of the ring.

On the outside, Orton sends Henry into the post a few times before getting back in the ring. Kane's lighting and turnbuckle explosion hits. He comes on the titantron and starts his promo.

He says he needed to win at WrestleMania to become whole again. And he did. But Orton did the same last week by showing how savage he can be. Kane says it would be a shame if this were to end now because he's having so much fun.

The kind of fun that the entire family can enjoy. The camera pans to show Bob Orton laid out.

They didn't telegraph that finish TOO much.

Orton goes running out of the ring and heads to the back to look for Kane and, in turn, his father. He plays it up well by saying, "Come on, Dad," under his breath.

He finds his dad but Kane's red lighting effect is on the wall and Randy gets laid out with a crowbar.

So the two Ortons are down next to each other and Kane bends down and says, "I'm a sucker for family reunions."

Now THAT is a Kane I can get behind. A Big Red Monster who kills people and then makes bad puns? Money.

Commercial break.

Backstage they show legends laughing at some random jobber. They say this is going to be a "good old fashioned squash match." The guys' name is Benny Camer.

He starts cutting a promo and the "WHAT" chants are in full effect.

He's cut off by Ryback coming out and the legends backstage put him over.

Ryback vs. Benny Camer -- Ryback hits two big moves and picks up the pin. The legends once again laugh backstage at Camer's misfortune.

Cole tries a joke. "Benny Camer, saw, and got conquered."

I'll give it an LOL.

Backstage, Heath Slater's talking to Tyson Kidd. Slater wants to tag with him for the night. He even found a Hall of Fame manager for them. Apparently, this legend says Slater can be the next Honky Tonk Man.

Turns out it's Jimmy Hart.

He shows up and they keep trying to sell Kidd on teaming up with Slater against the Usos.

Commercial break.

Mick Foley's Cactus Jack music hits and he's out hop on the mic as an announcer. A four-man booth we'll have for this tag match.

The Usos vs. Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd -- I missed the opening but Jimmy Hart is screaming into his megaphone while cracking jokes on Foley. The Usos are in control in the ring. One of the two hits the ass in the corner spot on Slater but Kidd makes the save.

Suddenly, Foley brings out Mr. Socko and sends Hart running away. This distracts Slater and the Usos capitalize to get the pin on a flying splash off the top rope. I believe Josh Matthews said that means they'll get a tag team title shot.

Foley gets in the ring now and locks in the mandible claw on Hart. His music plays as Hart sells in the ring.

No Dean Ambrose.

Another replay of Bryan breaking up with AJ. Must mean Piper's Pit is next. Top of the hour segment.

Commercial break.

Here comes Roddy Piper. He still looks good even at his old age. He starts his promo by saying he misses us. He really does.

Roddy chant from the fans in Virginia. Good job, y'all.

Piper says his guest tonight is Daniel Bryan, who lost the world heavyweight title at WrestleMania 28 in 18 seconds. And he blames it on his girlfriend. Piper has some footage for us. Play it, Mr. Footage Man.

Same thing we've seen twice already tonight. Bryan breaking up with AJ.

Out comes Bryan in his YES! shirt. Not a huge reaction but the YES! chants pick up steam pretty quick.

Piper says Bryan seems pretty happy for a guy who lost the world title in 18 seconds. Bryan responds by saying Laurinaitis has granted him his rematch for the title. Bryan says not only does he want to pin Sheamus, he also wants to make him tap out. And now he can do both. Because they're going to have a 2 out of 3 falls match at Extreme Rules.

And AJ will be nowhere to be found.

Piper doesn't know about all that. He doesn't know if AJ will be at Extreme Rules, but she's here tonight and Piper likes her, so she needs to come on down.

Here she comes, looking cute as a button.

AJ says thanks to Roddy for bringing her on. She's a big fan. She then says hi to D-Bry. Piper doesn't understand how she could say hi.

She says Daniel really is a good person deep down, despite how it looks.

Piper says she can leave the politically correct answers at the door, this is Piper's Pit. He plays up how Bryan treats her like shit and she persists in her opinion. She blames herself. She says, "It's my fault." And Bryan smiles ever so slightly.


She says she's really sorry for what she did at WrestleMania. If they could just talk, they could work it out and she could make it up to him.

Piper is incredulous at this point and pipes in. He says she's strong and he's seen that.

Bryan cuts in and says he's sick of Piper running his mouth and tired of AJ airing her dirty laundry. If she really cared, she would leave the ring right now.

Piper says not to and they have a standoff.

AJ turns around and leaves the ring, despite chants from the crowd. Bryan smiles and laughs in Piper's face. He goes to walk out of the ring but Roddy tells him he's not finished with him.

Piper says he's got four children thanks to the WWE Universe. He sees Bryan's YES YES YES t-shirt and he wants to tell him some NO NO NOs.

You don't tell a lady to shut up.
You don't yell at a lady.
You don't use a lady to protect yourself like a human shield because that's a coward.

Piper sees a bright light, though, and that's the fact that Sheamus is going to kick Bryan's head off his shoulders not once, but twice.

Bryan says at Extreme Rules, the fact that he's better than Sheamus will slap him -- and everybody else -- right across the face. He then shoot slaps the shit out of Piper before running out.

Awesome segment.

Commercial break.

Great Khali, Alicia Fox and Natalya vs. Drew McIntyre and the Bella Twins -- McIntyre starts with Khali and he quickly tags out to Nikki Bella before walking out saying, "I'm better than this."

So Alicia Fox comes in and picks up a quick pin on Nikki. Looks like they're definitely on the way out.

Before Khali, Fox and Natalya can get out, Mae Young's music hits and she comes out walking slow. She kicks Khali low and once he goes to one knee, she gives him a kiss.

Terrible TV.

Commercial break.

Damian Sandow promo. He's talking about sophistication and how social media has helped kill society. But fear not, because he's hear to lead the way.

My words didn't do his promo justice. He was good.

Another video replay of Kane and Orton from earlier. Josh Matthews tells us "Cowboy" Bob suffered abdominal injuries. At least his arm isn't broken.

Raw rewind time. BROCKLESNAR.

Backstage, "Mean" Gene tells Sheamus he doesn't like their chances. But Sheamus is smiling and that leads Okerlund to believe he's got something up his sleeve.

Nope. Sheamus says, "I'm not going to lie to you, 'Mean' Gene. We're probably going to lose tonight."

That was good.

He goes on to say he just doesn't want to give Laurinaitis the pleasure of seeing him sweat, which is obviously what "Ace" wants. To close the promo he adds:

"Tonight, we'll either drink to remember or drink to forget."

This could be one of the only times I've ever actually thought Sheamus was worth watching.

Commercial break.


"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan comees out and he's going to have a match against Hunico, of all people.

Jim Duggan vs. Hunico -- Hunico comes out cutting a promo saying no one cares about this old timers. He's the future of the WWE. He climbs in the ring and Duggan works him with punches and Hunico sells horribly for them. No timing and rhythm here.

Suddenly, Duggan calls to the back once Hunico starts conspiring with his buddy and here comes Sgt. Slaughter.

Slaughter gives Duggan his 2x4 and that leads to a disqualification. Slaughter then climbs in the ring and locks on the Cobra Clutch.

Duggan's theme plays again and the crowd does the USA chant.

Commercial break.

Cody Rhodes is out wearing his new shirt. Promo time.

He opens by saying tonight is a waste of our time. This Blast for the Past business needs to go away in favor of the future, which includes Rhodes winning back the Intercontinental championship. That future includes Show, along with these other legends, no longer hogging up the spotlight.

Cue Dusty Rhodes' music. He's just a common man, y'all.

Cody tells his dad this doesn't concern him in the least. Dusty says actually it does. And that's because Cody came into the industry as the most naturally talented athlete since Shawn Michaels.

Uh, no.

Dusty goes on to say Cody wanted to poke the bear, Big Show. Cody cuts him off and walks up to him and says, "Dad, you are embarrassing me."

Beautifully delivered line. Got a nice reaction.

He can't make his way to the back, though, because Big Show comes out strutting wearing his stupid camo gear.

He starts talking like Dusty and paying homage to him. Tells Cody he should respect his dad because, "That's the American Dweem, baby."

Show runs another promo of Cody and it's an old vignette from his "Dashing" days. Boy, those really were bad. And embarrassing.

Show again talks like Dusty before turning and walking out.

Cody is really upset while Dusty just holds his arms out. The American Dream music hits and dusty starts dancing in the middle of the ring. It looks as bad as you would think it does. Cody walks out shaking his head.

Main event up next.

Commercial break.

Sheamus and Gene Okerlund vs. Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio -- They didn't pace the show right, so we didn't get to see Bryan's second entrance of the evening. Of course we get Del Rio's, though. This with just 10 minutes left until the top of the hour.

Howard Finkel gets the chance to introduce "Mean" Gene. He's wearing a Great White sweater. So bad.


Del Rio and Sheamus start us off. Running elbow off the ropes from Sheamus. Bryan distraction leads to Del Rio getting the edge and he tags Bryan in to work Sheamus over.

Bryan tags out to Del Rio and they use some tag team kicks before Bryan bails out of the ring. Sheamus is barely selling for anything. He's powering out of another move as we speak. Bryan back in and Sheamus cleans house before Bryan sends Sheamus to the outside. He then distracts the ref long enough for Del Rio to kick Sheamus in the head.

He sells on the outside while Okerlund climbs in the ring and the heels have him surrounded, including Ricardo Rodriguez.

Just as they go to attack, Roddy Piper's music hits and all the legends come running out. Michael Cole remarks, "Who opened the doors to the retirement home?"


Bryan stays in anyway and gets in Piper's face. Naturally, this leads to a recovered Sheamus to climb back in the ring and hit Bryan with the Brogue Kick for the pin.

Now the legends are all in the ring and Ricardo Rodriguez is taking a lot of finishers. They end with Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick and the legends raising his hand.

Man, this push for this guy is so sickening.

The show looks as though it will end with the legends celebrating in the ring. Michael Cole grabs a mic and says he wants everyone to give it up for the legends but they need to leave so they can get back to the retirement home.

They attack him, of course. Pat Patterson hits him with a punch and Sheamus rolls him out of the ring using one boot. Easy peasy.

Now they go out with the legends in the ring all pointing at Sheamus as he screams on the second turnbuckle.

Fade to black.

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