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WWE shows interest in The Briscoes, but ROH won't let them leave

ROH's top tage team, The Briscoe Brothers, are in high demand. Photo via <a href=""></a>.
ROH's top tage team, The Briscoe Brothers, are in high demand. Photo via

Ever since the break up of Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) and The Kings Of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli), there's no debate about the most dynamic, well rounded tag team in American wrestling. That title goes to The Briscoes, thanks to their cool redneck thugs gimmick, intense brawling and hot moves. So it should come as no surprise that WWE recently enquired about their services, but ROH weren't willing to let one of their top acts go, as Dave Meltzer reported in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

WWE expressed interest in Mark & Jay Briscoe, but they are bound for now by their ROH contracts.

However, ROH's no-brainer decision due to their current dearth of marketable performers was not without controversy.

When Sinclair Broadcasting bought ROH, they made it clear that they would not stand in the way of their talent jumping ship to another promotion if they were offered a better deal elsewhere. Though WWE never made The Briscoes a formal contractual offer, it's clear that ROH's insistence that they were under legally binding contracts scared the big dog away. Nevertheless, ROH management were upset at reports that they had blocked The Briscoes from going to WWE, arguing that they kept to their word as only feelers had been sent and nothing concrete had been discussed, which seems to be splitting hairs.

To be fair to ROH though, WWE had the perfect opportunity to sign them last summer when Sinclair Broadcasting was in the process of re-signing all ROH wrestlers to new contracts, one they took full advantage of with the aforementioned Hero and Castagnoli. At the time The Briscoes had a WWE tryout, but the company decided against signing them to a contract, likely because they believed they could just click their fingers at a later date and ROH wouldn't call their bluff, which they were sadly mistaken about. WWE will just have to wait for The Briscoes' ROH contracts to expire, which won't be for another year yet.

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