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CM Punk and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin at WrestleMania 29? The two Superstars tease a match on Twitter

Well, this is certainly interesting.

I discussed last week how rumors are circulating that next year's WrestleMania 29 main event could be announced as early as next week's Raw. The list of potential participants ranges from the likely -- such as John Cena or The Rock -- to the possible -- such as Triple H or The Undertaker -- to the implausible -- such as Shawn Michaels.

Time to add a couple more names to the list.

While nothing aside from fantasy booking and dream matches exist to give the rumors any credence, fans have been discussing the possibility of a bout between CM Punk and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin since "The Straight Edge Messiah" shot to the upper WWE stratosphere last summer after his infamous "pipebomb" promo.

Both men took the company by storm with their no holds barred, take no prisoners mentality and molded WWE around them, rather than changing themselves to suit the company.

Last night, the WWE Champion turned to Twitter to issue a short but instantly recognizable challenge.

Check it out -- and "Stone Cold's" response -- after the jump.


A little over an hour later, "The Bionic Redneck" responded with this:


Geno and myself discussed the possibility of this match-up during last night's post-Raw Cageside Live radio show. Austin, retired since 2003, would have a year's worth of time to get back into ring shape. A program between the beer-swilling, deer hunting, good ol' boy and the recently turned vegan "Straight Edge Messiah" makes a ton of sense and basically writes itself.

Any interest in seeing this next year, Cagesiders?