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WrestleMania 28: Team Johnny vs Team Teddy match finalized with all 12 superstars accounted for

It took all the way up to the Monday Night Raw go-home show last night (March 26, 2012) to get there but all 12 superstars in the tag team match pitting Team Johnny Laurinaitis against Team Teddy Long are now present and accounted for.

First, let's look at Laurinaitis' rag tag bunch:

Team Johnny:

David Otunga (Captain)
Mark Henry
Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swagger
The Miz
Drew McIntyre

So here we get his main henchman as the captain of the squad with a big monster heel as the enforcer. Ziggler and Swagger act as a sort of tag team muscle, though that's unfair to the former, while The Miz is the heel desperate to please and McIntyre is the odd man out who is in just because of injury.

Quite the team. Or, as Laurinaitis described it on his company Twitter account, "the greatest team to take Miami since the '72 Dolphins." I don't know about all that but it's a decent bunch, all things considered.

As for Team Teddy Long, let's look at his squad after the jump.

Team Teddy:

Santino Marella (Captain)
Kofi Kingston
Great Khali
Zack Ryder
Booker T

It's amazing, really, that Santino Marella has been positioned as the captain of this here group and that likely plays a significant role in the perception that it's such a weak team.

In fact, WWE had to scramble to come up with the final member and while Booker T is serviceable as a wrestler at this point in his career, he's still an announcer. Khali is the monster enforcer, though he barely fits the role based on any qualification other than sheer size, and Marella, Truth, Kingston and Ryder are mid-card comedy acts.

The star power is on the side of Team Johnny and the cards seem to be falling in his favor as far as who fans think is the more interesting on-screen character. And with Long turning 145-years-old recently, it's time to get him off television, or at least out of the role he's occupied for too long now.

It looks like Laurinaitis is going over here. Or do you Cagesiders care to disagree?

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