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Evan Bourne injures foot in accident, WWE return delayed indefinitely

Evan Bourne's suspension for his second Wellness Policy violation came up just recently but he won't be returning to action anytime soon.

That's because he was in an accident this past Monday night (March 19, 2012) and hurt his foot. Bad. He explains on Twitter:

"I hate to throw out bad news but I must. I was in an accident Monday and mangled my foot. Sorry to delay the comeback, I'm down but not out! ... Broken in 4 spots, dislocated in 5! Ouch! I wish I was back in the ring already."

Pretty nasty.

Bourne has been skating on thin ice with WWE thanks to multiple violations of the Wellness Policy, not to mention speaking out on Twitter against the company. This latest setback surely won't help him any.

Check out a gnarly pic of his mangled foot after the jump.


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