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On this date in WCW history: Hulk Hogan botches the 'Apple Pie' match at Uncensored

Our "This date in history" feature keeps chugging along with Uncensored, the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) annual pay-per-view (PPV) event that had a stranglehold on the middle of March.

What's interesting to note about March 19, is that it was the date for not only the first, but also the last Uncensored PPV that both featured Hulk Hogan in a strap match.

I'm focusing on the latter, because the Hulkster's main event against Ric Flair was the "Yappapi Indian Strap Match," named after the Yappapi Indian tribe, presumably because they like to drag people around by a strap in front of large, apathetic crowds.

Featured prominently in many of the Interweb's "Botchamania" features, Hulkster can't seem to get a hold of the "Yappapi" name, so it continues to come out pronounced as "Apple Pie." Then, to put a feather in his cap, Hogan pins Flair to win the match -- but forgets to tag all four corners in order, as required (but manages a little slap after the bell for good measure).

See it in all its glory, after the jump.

Who's Yappapi?

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