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Roddy Piper hints at 'Piper's Pit' segment return, lobbying for The Rock and John Cena appearing

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The return of Piper's Pit, anyone?

That's what the host himself, Roddy Piper, is hoping for. And he would like to do it in the lead up to WrestleMania 28 with the two biggest stars in professional wrestling, The Rock and John Cena, before they have their match on April 1 in Miami.

From a recent interview with

"Why Cena and The Rock? Well, you can bring things they've done outside our industry back into our industry during the Pit. It's a statement I'm looking for. The statement is WWE is right up there with every other entertainment group in the world or better. That is the statement I would like to come out of that Piper's Pit. It's not for me. I have had a lot of Piper's Pits. I look at the roster, and I can really make that roll."

Considering how amazing Piper was when he helped really kick start the Cena "embrace the hate" angle, this has money written all over it. In fact, I can't think of a good reason not to do it.

Piper would go on to say that he's planning on being at WrestleMania this year but refused to elaborate as to what capacity. They've done Piper's Pit at 'Mania in the past, so maybe the show makes a small comeback.

One can only hope.

After the jump is a refresher video on the Piper's Pit segment with Cena from last year. It's really amazing stuff and something I hope to see again.

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