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On this date in WCW history: Steven Regal unsquashes himself against Goldberg

Do work, son.

By February 9, 1998, the Goldberg formula was pretty easy to figure out: Get doused with sparklers, shadowbox your way to the ring, squash a mid-carder and then scream at the fans.

Simple, right?

Not for Steven Regal, which is why this date in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) history had Goldberg lost at sea during Monday Nitro when their proposed squash match evolved into a five-minute bout with actual wrestling.

Yes, Mr. "Who's Next" was forced to wrestle.

A lot of theories have been proposed as to what really happened that night. Some say Regal was trying to teach him a lesson. While Goldberg later admitted that Regal made him "look bad," Steve-O insists he misinterpreted WCW management when they told him to make Goldy "look good."

He thought, you know, make him look like an actual wrestler, when what they really meant was make him look like an invincible killing machine. Whatever the case, Goldberg looked like a deer in the headlights during several spots and Regal was subsequently fired.

While popular opinion has his termination based on the Goldberg blunder, in reality, it probably had more to do with Regal's substance abuse problem and out of control behavior. This match may have just been a case of poor timing.

Or perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back?

See it all go down, after the jump.

How about it Cagesiders, what's your take on how this all went down?

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