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WWE news: Complete Smackdown spoilers for Feb. 10 show

After an ... interesting Raw this past Monday, the Smackdown crew rolled into Tulsa last night (Feb. 7) to tape their show for this Friday.

So what can you expect?

Well, 2012 WWE Royal Rumble winner Sheamus teams up with The Big Show to take on those devious rulebreakers Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes for one. The Divas division also begins to take a very interesting turn. And I mean interesting in that we might actually see some decent wrestling from the division.

The storyline between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and The Big Show continues with Michael Cole of all people trying to act as the voice of reason when he invites A.J. The rivalry between the champ and the "World's Largest Athlete" also spills into the main event where Bryan is challenged by Randy Orton in all his tan, oily, hairless glory.

Oh, and Ted DiBiase Jr. also wrestles.

Full spoilers after the jump, Cagesiders.

Sheamus starts the show off talking about how he won the Royal Rumble and now he needs to decide which title -- the WWE or World Heavyweight -- to challenge for at WrestleMania. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and The Big Show all come out, one after the other, and each tell "Great White" they'll win the strap at Elimination Chamber but should Sheamus choose to challenge either of them, they'll lose. Rhodes eats a chokeslam from Andre's baby boy for his troubles. This leads to a tag team match pitting the team of The Big Show and Sheamus taking on Barrett and Rhodes later on in the evening.

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix defeats Alicia Fox. They tease a Pin Up Strong break up. THE MEGA POWERS COLLIDE~! I got Natalya by Stinkface.

The aforementioned tag match ends with the fan favorites getting the win when Sheamus pins Barrett.

Michael Cole invites A.J. to the ring and tells her everyone in the locker room thinks World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan set her up to get walloped by The Big Show. That brings out Bryan who threatens Cole making the announcer turn tail and run. Bryan says while everyone was eating meat and drinking beer on Sunday while watching the Super Bowl, he took a nature walk and cleared his head. He then offered to take A.J. home in his Prius so she can be safe. My god, I am loving this gimmick.

Teddy Long comes out and is all, "Vegan playa, I'll make sure A.J. gets home safe -- creeper... -- but you still have a match with Randy Orton so if you leave, you forfeit the title!"

Ted DiBiase Jr. pins Hunico in a match I'm sure someone out there cares about.

And in the main event, Daniel Bryan beats Randy Orton by disqualification. The DQ ending came when Bryan tried to amscray causing the guest commentating Big Show to grab the champ and toss him back inside the ring. Orton nails Bryan with an RKO but Show's interference did not go unnoticed by the referee who called for the bell.

Orton was understandably upset with the big lug and they got into it. Show laid out "The Apex Predator" to end the show.

There you have it, folks. How does the show sound?

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