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The Miz has backstage heat for failing to protect R-Truth on WWE Raw

Don't expect The Miz to get another WWE World title run anytime soon. Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Don't expect The Miz to get another WWE World title run anytime soon. Photo via

In an update to Geno Mrosko's post about R-Truth being lucky to avoid a serious injury like a concussion after The Miz was out of position to catch him on a somersault plancha in the Six Pack Challenge Raw main event, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of have confirmed that Miz has tremendous heat backstage for his serious lapse of judgement:

-- As noted on Observer Radio last night, tons of heat on Miz for not catching Truth during his dive spot in the six-man last night. Truth was legitimately helped out as they feared he had a serious injury. Although he smashed the back of his head on the mats, he ended up being OK and will continue onto the International tour.

Not only did Miz's mistake cause Truth harm, but it also took the shine off the rest of the match, as plans had to be changed on the fly and naturally everyone would be concerned for Truth's wellbeing, so Miz would be blamed for that too.

This is serious bad news for Miz, as having the rep that you're a dangerous, careless worker is a very difficult one to shake off and has spelled doom for many past WWE performers like Nelson "King Mabel" Frazier, Ahmed Johnson, Vader and most recently Mr. Kennedy, now working for TNA as Mr. Anderson. In most of these cases, there was some truth to that perception, but also locker room politicians capitalised on these concerns to ensure that people they didn't like working with got buried and even fired, despite still having name value at the very least. I wouldn't say that Miz is close to being released, but he's going to have to be very contrite about the incident, work hard to change the idea that he's more concerned with protecting himself than protecting his opponent, and almost inevitably spend some time being downplayed on WWE television. One things for sure, he can't afford any other major screw ups like this anytime soon.

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