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WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix breaks Eve Torres' nose during tag match on Raw

I guess we'll be finding out pretty soon if the "Long Island Iced Z" loves Eve Torres for the person she is on the inside or if our favorite broski is all about looks.

During last night's incredible -- ahem -- eight-Diva tag team match on Raw, a stiff clothesline from Divas Champion Beth Phoenix ended up breaking the current Zack Ryder love interest's nose. Although nothing has been confirmed by the WWE itself, the injury does appear to be legitimate. Kudos for toughing it out and showing up in last night's final segment. I know everyone really appreciated it.

Adding insult to injury, "The Glamazon" took to Twitter after the match and had a giant case of crocodile tears.

Check out what she said after the jump.


Way harsh, Ty.

Eve, of course, is currently being terrorized by Kane who is splitting his time between doing that, brawling with John Cena and crippling poor Ryder. That's quite the schedule. Really, how does he find time for anything else? It remains to be seen if the WWE will acknowledge the injury occurred during the tag match, ignore it completely -- Maybe it's Maybelline! -- or run an angle where The Undertaker's half-brother finally gets his hands on the Diva and takes the fall for the broken schnoz.

The first option would work well as Phoenix is currently walking through each and every opponent they put in front of her in a campaign to prove no other Diva is fit to enter what she calls her ring. The third option would also be interesting since Kane has been trying -- since his return in December -- to get Cena to give into his hate and there might be no better way to get "The Marine" to do so than busting up pretty Eve Torres' face.

A combination of the two might be the most intriguing of all, however. Acknowledging the injury at the hands of Phoenix so the Divas Champion gets the rub as a brute while also allowing Kane to attack a now injured Torres should give Cena enough juice to make his hate on.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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