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On this date in ECW history: Double Tables!

On February 4, 1995, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) held its Double Tables event from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This particular event for me, embodied everything that made ECW great during the mid-to-late nineties. It had crazy spots, gallons of blood and some really outstanding wrestling. In fact, it had one of the greatest ECW matches of all time in the form of Chris Benoit vs. Al Snow.

The Rotten brothers (Ian and Axl) did just about everything short of decapitating one another, Mick Foley and the Sandman exchanged unprotected head shots for fifteen minutes in a Texas Death Match and Sabu? Well, Sabu did what he always did and that was spread his wings and fly.

The event wasn't perfect, but ECW had really started to get its legs after Shane Douglas threw down the NWA title, all while the Paul Heyman era was getting underway.

In short, Double Tables was a reminder of why it was such a great time to be an ECW fan.

Highlights after the jump.


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