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WWE Smackdown spoilers for show to air this Fri., March 2, 2012, featuring Randy Orton's return

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The last time Randy Orton worked a Smackdown show, he did so in the main event against World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. The match, of course, ended in a smoz finish with Big Show interfering.

That resulted in the fateful match between the two on Raw where Orton suffered a concussion that has kept him out of action for a few weeks.

He's back now, though, and once again he's in the main event of the evening in a match against Bryan for the show that will air this Friday night (March 2, 2012) on SyFy.

That's not a spoiler because WWE announced as much on Raw this past Monday night. But if you do want spoilers you can read them (via Wrestling Observer) after the jump.

-- The main event angle sees Orton and Bryan apparently have a damn good match with Bryan getting a ton of heat both because he cut an awesome promo beforehand and because Orton is such an over babyface everywhere he goes. I still don't know how that is, by the way. Bryan did the usual by trying to sneak out at the end with A.J. but as Orton went to chase him, Kane's music hit and he came down to brawl with Orton. Not sure if this is leading to a program between the two but this is the second attack Kane has carried out since the John Cena program ended, the last one on Raw when he laid out everyone in the tag team triple threat match. I guess we'll see where this goes. If it ends up as Kane vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania 28, that will be the absolute worst match on the card and while I never thought it possible, I'll actually feel bad for old Randall.

-- The other big angle of the night involved Cody Rhodes and Big Show. Rhodes did yet another interview slamming him and this time Show tried to run him down to make him pay for it. Before he could do so, Teddy Long stopped him and announced he would get an Intercontinental championship match against Rhodes at WrestleMania. Show was reportedly extremely happy with this development. Which is kind of cool, considering no one else seems to care about that belt.

-- Show also beat Mark Henry in a match that saw Henry get all the offense in but ultimately lose via WMD.

-- Teddy Long fired Drew McIntyre. Again. I guarantee he'll be back next week.

-- Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler had a great match that saw the former emerge victorious, not surprisingly. They set it up at the beginning of the show much like they did with Sheamus vs. Miz last week. If Ziggler is going to job, it's better he do so to get Sheamus looking strong as he heads into 'Mania, where he's probably winning the world heavyweight title.

-- Eve did another interview but didn't get much heat for it, apparently. Natalya came out to interrupt and the farting gimmick is still going strong. The resulting match was won by Eve.

-- Santino Marella beat Heath Slater and that will never be a bad thing.

That's the show, folks. Sounds mostly like another fun Smackdown save for the idea of Orton vs. Kane in any capacity. Thoughts on it?

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